How To Clean Your Flat

Cleaning of the bedroom

Collect all your dirty clothes and put them in the washing machine. Don’t let anything dirty be in your clean bedroom. Move the bigger objects and furniture so they won’t stand in your way while vacuuming and mopping. Throw out everything unnecessary – packages, old clothes which you don’t wear, batteries which you have been thinking of throwing out since last month, etc. If you have more time, spare it to arrange your wardrobe – this will look cleaner and tidier, and you will free some room. After the overall cleaning, it is time to make the bed. Believe it or not, the bedroom will look much cleaner only when you make the bed and organize the wardrobe. Carefully dust the furniture, the bedside tables, the lamps and the other objects. Do that in detail because, after all, you sleep there, and whatever remains dirty will linger there.

Bathroom cleaning

Put the dirty clothes and the used towels in the basket. After that, place all the garbage in the bin. We start by wiping the corners, the sink and the bathtub (the shower cabin) with the help of a disinfecting cleaning spray. Use a brush for the toilet and special detergents. Use a spray to clean up the outer part of the toilet. Clean up the inner side of the toilet in detail to make it shine and remove unwanted smells. Continue with the mirror and the other glass surfaces by trying not to leave drops of the detergent. Arrange the objects in their places. Make everything shine as if you are entering a five-star restaurant toilet.

Cleaning of the kitchen

Firstly, free the bin from the gathered garbage and the fridge from old food and other products. After that, clean the counters and cupboards of dust and stains. Wash the dirty dishes by hand or put them in the dishwasher. If the sink doesn’t look clean, fill it with warm soapy water and leave it to soak for a few minutes by doing other kitchen tasks simultaneously. As soon as the dishes are clean and ready to put away in the cupboards, wipe the sink, the counters and the appliances. Vacuum the floor and then mop it. As a final, throw out the garbage.