All Natural DIY Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath For My Precious Little Love

Dec 22

This weekend we made a gorgeous Christmas wreath for our dearly departed little love. It’s our tangible Christmas gift to her, handmade with love, right here on the kitchen worktop. This labour of love has already secured it’s place as a family tradition for me, and although I don’t usually get too personal with my blog posts, I thought this might be a lovely thing to share with my readers who are also struggling with the absence of their precious loved one(s) at this time of year.

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This year’s wreath is made from two types of eucalyptus branches (one with berries and the other without) and a few stems of pink ranunculus. I chose eucalyptus because of it’s lovely fragrance and the unique beauty of the colour and shape of it’s leaves, and if you’ve read my previous posts on flowers, you’ll know that ranunculus are one of my favourite flowers.


  • Eucalyptus foliage (I used two types here, with and without berries)
  • Ranunculus flowers (keep the stems long)
  • Cotton string for binding
  • A sharp pair of kitchen scissors/trimmers


1. Lay the eucalyptus branches on your protected work surface singly, so it’s clear to see the quantities and physical characteristics of each. This will aid your order of selection when building the base of your wreath.

2. Working with the natural curves of the branches, arrange the eucalyptus branches without berries in a loose circle with the ends overlapping by approximately 8cm.

USEFUL TIP: Think of this circle as the outer edges of your wreath, as you will mostly be filling the inner sections with more leaves, to give it a softer and more natural appearance as you build.

18chelseamews diy all natural eucalyptus christmas wreath.3

3. Cut cotton string and bind the branches together, midway along the overlaps. Please ensure the string is long enough so there will be plenty left after making your ties as you might need to use these same ends to attach top layers to the wreath later. You can always cut off the unwanted excess when the wreath is complete.

USEFUL TIP: Be selective with the placement of your binding. Try to weave the ends of your branches through to the underside of the wreath before binding. Work WITH the positions and directions of the leaves to conceal your binding points.

4. Now you should have a complete, though relatively sparse circle of eucalyptus leaves upon which you will start layering more branches. Place the more dense leafy sections where there are bigger gaps and shape and soften the inner circle of the wreath as you go along.

5. Once you are comfortable with the size and fullness of your wreath, embellish with the required amount of eucalyptus branches with berries, securing with cotton string as you go along.

USEFUL TIP: Gather the berried branches, trim excess leaves and stems away, arrange the berries as you like and bind them together separately before attaching to the wreath. This helps to create a better composition of berries without disturbing the shape and fullness of your wreath.

18ChelseaMews DIY all natural eucalyptus wreath.1

6. Add long stemmed ranunculus by weaving towards the underside of the wreath and secure with cotton string. Trim the excess stem away as necessary.

7. Fluff the leaves and trim any excess threads or stems that might be showing through at the front of the wreath.

Your all natural DIY eucalyptus Christmas wreath is now perfect for laying by your dearly departed with love.

Happy Christmas!


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