Let’s Go Shopping: 11 Colourful Bathroom Accessories You’ll Love

Oct 20

Now that I’ve given you a few ideas on how to stylishly add a splash of colour to your bathroom, here’s the virtual mini shopping spree I promised last week. I’ve rounded up a collection of 11 items you can buy to get your bathroom popping with colour. Some are items I already own, others are items I just wish I had.

My favourites are the Frottier Cawo Towels, I’ve honestly never used towels better than these, and they launder really well too! The toilet paper holder is a pretty nifty design which can be used as a towel hanger when assembled differently. I’m loving the beautiful handcrafted jewel-like soaps and the lime green toilet roll, but these silicone glow-in-dark taps that double up as a nightlight are pretty fantastic!

What’s your favourite of these colourful bathroom accessories?

Happy shopping!

18chelseamews - bathroom accessories

18chelseamews - bathroom accessories -1

18chelseamews - bathroom accessories - 2

THE SHOPPING LIST: 1. Diablo Toilet Paper Holder by Vandiss | 2. Multicoloured Terry Towels & Bath Mats by Frottier Cawo (the best towels I’ve ever had!) | 3. Metaform Bathroom Accessories – Mobi & Wally | 4. Customisable Pendant Lamp by NUD Collection (choose your favourite socket, cord and bulb) | 5. Merdolino Toilet Brush by Alessi | 6. Handcrafted Soap Stones by PELLE | 7. Lime Green Toilet Paper by Renova (available in other colours) | 8. Curious Room Diffuser by True Grace | 9. Joyce Dot Valve Cover by Villeroy & Boch | 10 & 11. Pop Taps by Zazzeri

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