How to Display Your Books With Style

May 4

I’m a real lover of books, both the beautifully written and the beautifully bound. Of all the books I own, my favourites are the ones about Food, Art, Design, Interior Decorating and Handmade Crafts. Lucky for me, books on these subjects are often aesthetically pleasing, colourful hardbacks, which are just as good for displaying as they are for reading. With a steady growing collection, I have become more interested in exploring creative ways to display my books with style. If nothing else, they will look more inviting and can very well be the quickest and easiest way to enhance your living space without spending a penny.

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1. Get Colour-Coded  Arranging your books by colour can have striking impact, especially if you have a very large collection. However, for simplicity and practicality, I recommend doing this with a smaller collection of books. The bigger your collection, the more challenging it will be to arrange by colour. Also, if you don’t have a good memory, your search for a specific title could become a frustrating and tedious task. For 5 or fewer, add flowers as I have done above, or quirky bookends as an extension of the display.
all white
2. Stack ‘Em Up With A Twist – Whoever said it had to be all about the spine?! The growing trend of coloured page edges and exposed spines has given books an additional aesthetic appeal. I happen to own 2 books with coloured page edges (in one of my favourite colour combinations, hot pink and india green) and I always try to show them off when reorganising my bookshelf. Stack these books horizontally and slant a little to the side as I have done below, so the titles are still visible to your curious admiring guests. - decorate with books - shelfie_min
3. Give Your Paperbacks A Makeover  I find paperbacks beautiful only when they’re in pristine condition and when they’re so old that the pages go fragile and yellowish…never the in between. When they’re just slightly worn, I find them dull and unattractive for display but that’s nothing a roll of paper and a marker can’t fix!

Give those worse-for-wear-all-time-favourite paperbacks a makeover by wrapping then in plain or patterned paper, then show off your calligraphy skills on the spines. After all, it’s no fun having to flip all the covers before finding the one you fancy curling up with today.

mara zepeda's covered books

4. Go Forward Facing  Do you have books with gorgeous covers and surprisingly dull spines? Well, it’s time to make like a bookshop and mix things up a bit. Arrange your books according to their best features, showing both spines and faces of your collection. This is ideal for displaying  the beautifully illustrated covers of a vintage book collection and most suitable for arranging children’s books. The young ones are more interested in ‘the big picture’ and are more likely to help themselves to their books when you arrange them this way. 
forward facing book displaychildren's books
5. Beyond the Book  Tell your own story by displaying your books among vignettes inspired by special memories. Use what you love to create a more personal arrangement. Use the books wisely to add height and prominence to smaller yet equally important objects. Varying the scale of your objects will add visual interest but be careful not to overcrowd. Ensure your books are still easily accessed… Yes, they’re a thing of beauty but they’re not JUST for show.
How do you display your books?
Have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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