How To Decorate Your Home With Flowers On A Budget

Feb 2

It was sunny and bright here in London this weekend and my thoughts fast-forwarded to Spring, daydreaming of being in a room full of pink peonies in all their luxurious scented glory… Wow! 3, 2, 1, back in the room… Although February is usually the coldest of the winter months, and Springtime is still a bit out of reach, I thought I’d share some useful tips on how to decorate your home with flowers on a budget. After all, decorating with flowers is one of the most obvious and simple ways to bring life and personality into your home all year round. 

I love having fresh flowers in my home at all times and admittedly, my taste in blooms is rather expensive. Peonies and ranunculus are my all time favourites but they’re Spring/Summer blooms so I happily cut back quite a chunk on the flower budget when those are not in season.
Here’s how you can make a little go a long way with a few bunches of inexpensive seasonal flowers and foliage. 
1. Display single stem blooms on their own
This simple display can be very effective with just the right combination of colours, textures and attention to detail. Choosing the right vase or container and even focusing on the placement in your home could make your single stem display quite dramatic. Here I’ve placed my single bloom  on a stack of beautiful books to help draw attention to the display.
2. Display your flowers in masses of separate containers
Inexpensive bud vases are useful for stretching one bunch of flowers for maximum effect. Divide a bunch over several containers, keeping one colour to each vessel. Group them together by similar sizes and colours to avoid losing sight of the very small blooms in your display. Inexpensive bud vases are useful for stretching one bunch of flowers for maximum effect.
bud vases 
3. Choose the right container
If it can hold water, it can be used to display your beautiful blooms. Add your creative flair and unique style here… Teapots, tins, eggcups, liqueur bottles, sugar bowls, jam jars, teacups, even seashells! Get creative, gather these in different colours, shapes and sizes and make your mark by painting them, wrapping them with beautiful papers, fabrics or decorative washi tape. In the first image above, I’ve repurposed a liqueur bottle by covering it with decorative masking tape and ribbons. I’ve also decorated a sake decanter with a ribbon from the same colour family of the tulips on display. See images below.
4. Choose the right props and placement

Placement is everything and where you decide to display your flowers could make the difference between them being noticed and them disappearing into the background. Here I’ve displayed blooms among books with both similar and contrasting colours therefore tying the entire display together. I move my displays around a bit to figure out where they look best, I decided that this one works best among the beautiful bottles on my bathroom counter. As flowers can be displayed anywhere in the home you have free reign to add a little luxury and charm to pretty much anywhere you like. I like having flowers in the hallway, bathroom, bedroom and living room; I tend to reserve the kitchen for potted herbs.



5. Wildflowers are gorgeous too
No room for flowers in the budget? Why not go for a stroll and see what you’ll find? I have made some very charming floral displays from wildflowers I picked along my springtime strolls. When arranging wildflowers you can also include plenty of foliage to keep them looking quite like they do in their natural habitat. Here are two small arrangements I made for my bathroom and living room from flowers I gathered on an evening walk last summer.
IMAGES: The 2nd image taken from Pinterest; all others belong to 18 Chelsea Mews

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  1. kerensa wheatle

    February 5th, 2014 at 00:10

    I’m loving these ideas … I will try to incorporate kore flowers in my life. However, I doubt Azul will refrain from trying to eat them

  2. Nova @ 18 Chelsea Mews

    April 8th, 2014 at 23:49

    Thanks Kerensa! I find flowers at home so delightful but I fully agree that Azul would have a field day making a feast of your floral arrangements. You need to come up with a plan! Perhaps you could cover a small floral display with a large glass string dome. The hole on top will allow the flowers to breathe while keeping that curious little kitten from snacking the petals. Good luck! 🙂

  3. kerensa wheatle

    April 9th, 2014 at 01:41

    And that is why you are the best at this stuff…I cannot believe i did not think of that. Excellent idea. I am off skipping to get something like this.

  4. Loretta E

    March 22nd, 2014 at 15:58

    Love the idea of dividing up a single bouquet! I rarely (never) buy flowers, but our farmers markets always have amazing ones in the summer, so I’ll actually know what to do with them this year!

  5. Nova @ 18 Chelsea Mews

    April 8th, 2014 at 23:35

    Thanks Loretta E! I really love flowers and always try to find ways to stretch a single bunch as my favourite blooms are a bit pricey. Have fun getting creative with your next purchase! 🙂

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