How To Be A Wrap Star This Christmas

Dec 18

It’s only a week to go before Christmas Day (where does time go?), and it’s time to indulge in my favourite part of Christmas preparations. Yep, you guessed it, GIFT WRAPPING! Okay, maybe you didn’t guess that, but I’m sure it probably comes as no surprise that I absolutely love wrapping gifts and arranging them beautifully on tables, under the Christmas tree, and on any available surface around the house. I enjoy gift wrapping so much, that I’m always happy to wrap everyone’s pressies for them. When they get worried about me ruining the surprise, I say, “Just wrap it in tissue paper and I’ll finish it up beautifully for you”.

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There’s just something so very satisfying about gift wrapping. Well, a few things really. Luxurious ribbons, double-sided papers, and tasteful little charms are definitely my jam. Oh, and nothing beats the look on someone’s face when they receive a beautifully wrapped gift. I find it so endearing and rather amusing when they say things like, “Its so beautiful, I don’t want to open it”.

How about you? Do you like wrapping gifts too? Whether you do or you don’t, it one of those necessary things you’re likely to end up doing at some point during the year. So because I’m very excited about gift wrapping in general, I decided to share a few tips on how to be a wrap star this Christmas. This is not a tutorial, but rather inspirational ideas for adding your own creative flair in making the gift of giving (and the gift you’re giving) that much more special. Follow my ideas and you’ll be the most respected gangster wrapper of the year. Ha-ha! Cheesy I know, but I just couldn’t resist.

THIS ONE’S FOR ALL THE PAPER HATERS – USE FABRIC!: I’m a real paper lover, but I really like using fabrics as gift wrap because I find them way more forgiving than paper. If you’re not very good at handling wrapping paper, this is the perfect option for you. It’s also the best option if your gift has an unusual shape, as it provides the flexibility that paper lacks. Check out this Ndebele inspired beauty I created by simply wrapping a bottle of bubbly with a brightly coloured cloth napkin. I wrapped a gold string around the neck of the bottle to secure the fabric, then added a pink bauble for a fun and elf-ish appeal. For extra credit, why not use a gorgeous Liberty hanky, or a vintage scarf to wrap a small gift for someone you really want to impress? That’ll be two gifts in one for the lucky recipient!

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TURN ON THE CHARM: It gives me the giggles when the recipient of a gift is so in love with the wrapping that they hesitate to open it for a moment. It’s like they’re scared of ruining the ‘art’ so instead of ripping it open as they should, they just stare at it for a while. For those types of people, I like to add something extra special as a gift topper, something they can keep to remind them of “That one time when the wrapping was so gorgeous, that I was scared the gift might disappoint…” KIDDING! But I’m sure there will always be someone who likes the wrapping more than they like the gift.

Here’s an idea that will give you some credit. Top the gift with a unique and beautifully made Christmas ornament, like I’ve done here with this super fine flamingo, so they can have it for adding to their Christmas tree every year. They’ll definitely think of you when dressing the tree with that special ornament in years to come. Okay, maybe that only works for hopeless romantic and sentimental like me, but I still think it’s a damn cool idea. Other good gift toppers are pom-poms, die-cut letters (choose recipients initial), tiny photo frames with their favourite image or quote, or just a sprig of their favourite herb (Rosemary is pretty hardy) to make it smell amazing. If all else fails, just put a ribbon on it! 😉

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THE CANDY SHOP INSPIRATION: I’m not a fan of giving money as gifts, but hey, sometimes that’s just what works. If you happen to be giving cash for Christmas, you can keep the recipient guessing with your unique presentation. Standard money envelopes are a little boring, so perhaps give them a miss this year. How about you just roll up the moolah and stick it in an empty loo roll and wrap it like pretty candy. Those will undoubtedly be the sweetest notes they’ll ever receive. This is also a great way to wrap gift vouchers and other tiny gift items.

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THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Over the years, I’ve realised that I really enjoy the challenge of wrapping awkwardly shaped gifts. You know, the ones that are not a perfect cube/cuboid, the gifts that everyone gets overwhelmed and annoyed with wrapping.

My failsafe approach to wrapping awkwardly shaped gifts when there’s no box available is as follows:
Choose a bit of card stock wider than the widest part of the gift (ensuring it’s sturdy enough to hold the weight of your gift), then place the card in the middle of a wide piece of fabric or paper. Centre the gift on top of the card, then bring the sides of the fabric/paper up and close by tying at the top. Fabric is more suitable for this technique because it will gather nicely. However, if you’re using paper, you might want to consider using deliberate folds and creases to compensate for its less forgiving qualities.

Now let’s address those gifts that are so darn cute and fancy already, you can’t bear to hide them away in a box. For those, my good friends, I give you my well known solution to making just about anything look better. Yep, you’ve heard it here before… Stick a ribbon on it! It’s works perfectly for this bottle of Hennessy right? 🙂

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Okay beautiful people, that’s a wrap!

I wish you all a magical Christmas, filled with love, happiness and extra special moments shared with family and friends.


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