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Oct 31

Remember the blog post in which I resolved to add some greenery to my home and care for them like a true green thumb? Well, I have some very good news for you! I am now the very proud owner of 6 potted plants, and they’re all thriving beautifully in my care. If you know me personally, you might be pretty shocked they’re all still alive. The truth is, I’d be shocked too if I maintained my previous mindset about plant care. As if by fate, just a few months after making my resolution, I met the lovely founders of Urban Jungle Bloggers, Igor and Judith at the 2015 Blogtacular conference. During a few brief and friendly conversations with them throughout the afternoon, Igor managed to convince me that “green-thumb is just a myth” and the bright and cheerful images of Judith’s plant filled home on her blog inspired me to banish the green thumb myth from my mind, and focus on caring for my plants in a similar manner to the way I take care of myself. That’s lovingly fed, watered, and beautifully groomed by the way. 😉


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Now, with living proof that I’m capable of caring for houseplants, I’m very keen on adding a small tree and perhaps a few other small plants to my collection. I’m currently in search of a middle sized Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, a small Hawaiian Palm, a Jasmine plant and perhaps a few additional ferns and miniature succulents. Yep, you can call me the crazy happy plant lady… Of course I’m okay with that! Had I known that caring for plants could have made me feel this relaxed and happy, I would have started a collection years ago. They truly add a different vibration to the atmosphere of my home and it feels so damn good! All this time I relied on fresh flowers for this feeling, whilst having no clue that living plants could truly magnify the experience. Of course I still buy fresh flowers (it’s just not something I can resist!), and in my opinion the blooms often look even more exquisite when displayed beside houseplants. What an awesome feeling, having the responsibility of nurturing something and having the opportunity to watch it grow beautifully day by day, right before your very eyes. If you could ever see how excited I get when I discover a delicate and shiny new shoot on Michiko, my Ficus Ginseng Bonsai. Oh, and let’s not even mention my reaction to the appearance of new fronds on my Asparagus Fern or this cutesy little hanging Kokedama I made using a Maidenhair Fern. The new fronds are a lovely lime green colour that commands your attention by instantly brightening the space around them.


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So what have I gained from keeping up with my first real New Year’s resolution? A happier home with a lighter and far more relaxing atmosphere. For some, keeping houseplants alive and healthy might be the norm, or even like second nature. However, given my track record, this is a huge achievement and definitely something to write home about! Hence the reason I’m writing about my houseplant love, and sharing these photos of my gorgeous green friends. Yes, I’m quite proud of myself, but my next step is to figure out how to prune my bonsai like a pro as I’m worried it’s at risk of becoming overgrown.


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Do you have houseplants? What are your favourite plants, and what do you enjoy most about your experience of caring for them?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. #houseplantlove

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Nova xo

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