Friday Five: Fun & Functional Storage Ideas for Children

Oct 3

My obsession with colour and my love for unique furniture design lends itself well to child friendly interior decorating. So this week’s Friday Five is all about storage ideas for children.

It is paramount to have sufficient storage space in a child’s room. Aside from the obvious things like size and functionality, I think it’s also important to choose storage that your children can relate to in some way. You may achieve this by incorporating their favourite colours, favourite patterns, images of their favourite animals, and for an older child, you can even up cycle their once-favourite toy into a unique item for storage! This will give their space a varied yet personalised appearance, and can make ‘clean up’ time so much more fun, interesting and even educational (depending on your choices).

Stepping away from the obvious chest of drawers, dressers, closets and traditional bookshelves, here are my current 5 favourite picks for fun and functional, storage in a child’s bedroom. They’re simple and easy to keep organised and you can even make a good DIY project of number 5! I hope you’re inspired by my choices.



– The super girlie Storage Suitcase Set is perfect for your little fashionista in the making. It’s lovely to see little children taking care of their personal belongings and these gorgeous little cases will encourage your little girl to keep her scarves and other small accessories organised. It’s never too early! These cutesy cases are available on and they’re great for storing dolls and other trinkets too.

– Let’s face it, we’re not all neat little princesses, are we? I am a firm believer in allowing a child to be themselves, even as we teach and encourage them to keep their spaces tidy. These cute Cotton Canvas Storage Bags from Cox & Cox are handy for keeping those little shoes and accessories neatly tucked away. They’re made from a stiff canvas so they’re floor standing, making the contents easily accessible and they’re wipeable on the inside therefore very easy to clean.




– This oh so adorable Baa-Baa Bookshelf from Rowen and Wren is an absolute winner! It’s a playful, interactive yet very functional piece of furniture that will have children equally excited to pack their books away as they usually are to choose the next bedtime storybook. The dividers are also wide enough to hold very small toys such as tiny cars and dolls. It’s great that it’s available in the natural wood finish; this gives you the option to personalise by painting in your child’s favourite colour(s).

– For those you in favour of up-cycling, this one’s a charm. Have your kids outgrown their wagon riding days and perhaps they’ve requested a book mobile? The iconic Radio-Flyer Wagon turned book mobile would make a bold statement in your child’s bedroom. Perfect for changing the scenery for story time at a minute’s notice. Radio Flyer Wagons are available here in the UK at and other online stockists. It’s worth your while to check thrift shops, eBay and other websites for ‘pre-loved’ wagons at a lower price-point.

book storage - kids



– What do you do with a bunch of stuffed animals that’s taken over your child’s room and the rest of your home? That’s right! You take them to The Zoo! The Zoo is a clever storage system to keep stuffed toys safely and securely tucked away. What’s great about The Zoo is it’s simple design (it’s made from sustainably sourced wood and flexible bars) and it’s ease of use (children will enjoy putting their toys away and they are easily accessible at the next playtime).

– Got a keen eye for DIY? With a few bits of wood, a drill and some bungee cord, you can create and personalise a zoo for your little one if The Zoo does not suit your budget. Perhaps you can even consider downsizing the zoo to a ball corral when the stuffed toys start being replaced with other  ‘hard to store’ items like basketballs and footballs etc. You can find the DIY instructions for making your own zoo here and instructions for the ball corral here.

toy storage. the zoo. ball corrall

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IMAGE SOURCE: The Radio Flyer Wagon Book Storage and the Ball Corral images where taken from here and here respectively. All other images are from the stockists linked within the post.


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