Friday Five: Favourite Festival Fringe Finds

Jun 27

Hello everyone! Happy Friday to you all. I hope you’ve had a lovely and productive week, and now ready to have an enjoyable weekend. 

So festival season has arrived in the UK and all the buzz is about Glastonbury. Although I won’t be going to the festival, the tiny reformed shopaholic in me had a good time whizzing around the internet, looking at the lovely things I would be packing if I, the lady of the Mews did Glasto. Out of the many gorgeous things I found I decided to share my top 5 picks in this week’s Friday 5. I’ve already got one of these items, and although I have no plans for a festival, I would very much like to get the rest!

festival fringe finds-

On another note, I truly admire my girlfriends who are able to do weekend camping at music festivals annually. I’ve done it once and I found it pretty challenging! The thing is my real friends know better than to extend the invitation anyway because no one in their right mind (who knows me well) would want to be my travel buddy to a music festival where there’s camping involved; I would hog the car space and the tent space with all the ‘must-haves’ or in my case ‘lux-haves’ that I couldn’t stand to leave behind at home. This all takes too much time and effort really. The last music festival I camped at for a whole weekend was The Big Chill, back in…I can’t even remember the year. I insisted on carrying my very own flushable porta-loo, much to the distress of my travel companions. That went down well but I’m sure they won’t be in a hurry to go camping with me again…well, they haven’t invited me since. Hahaha! I think I’d much prefer ‘glamping’, thanks! How about you? Are you the all weekend camping type?



1. Scarf: Geometric Print Foulard – Massimo Dutti | 2. Jacket: Exposed Zip Fringe Jacket by Cleobella ( 3. Necklace: Amsterdam Leather Necklace by Marisa Haskell ( 4. Bag: Festival Brown Pouch by Sabrina Tach ( 5. Boots: Brimfield Boot by FREEBIRD by STEVEN (

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