Friday Five: Easy DIY Projects To Try This Weekend

Jul 12

Hello lovelies! I hope you had a great week and are now looking forward to fun times at the weekend.

Today’s Friday Five consists of 5 very easy DIY projects, 3 of which I would like to try some time soon. If you’re as picky particular as I am about the things you like, then I’m sure you’ll agree that sometimes it’s best to call off the search, take matters into your own hands and do it yourself! I hope you like this round-up and will try at least one.


I found this super easy DIY project over at and it’s something I definitely want to make. In my mind’s eye, this backdrop would have a lovely effect against a wall with a ‘statement’ piece of furniture in front; like a stylish, single colour, minimalist design armchair. Based on my level of experience in paper-craft, my personal advice is that you use high-quality card stock to get the best results with this project. The quality of the card stock you choose could make or break the overall effect of your finished piece.



I think these DIY striped baskets from Martha Stewart are perfect for holding little bits and bobs on your work desk or anywhere else around the house really. I would like to make a relatively wide one for the sole purpose of holding my million-and-one things that suddenly need a place to live when I’m switching handbags. You know, like when you switch to a smaller handbag midweek and have to leave a few items behind? Yes, this basket will be the holder of those items, it will be the thing that saves me going off to buy another Dr. Hauschka lipstick because I think the one I bought two weeks ago is lost, meanwhile it’s still sitting in the pocket of that other handbag I haven’t used in over a week. A bit methodical I know but it works for me.

A word of caution for those of you who skim as opposed to reading it all, Martha’s team forgot to include the most vital ingredient in their ‘Materials’ list so please ensure you have the rope to make these rope baskets. See the introduction for details of the rope they’ve used.

rope baskets


No sewing machine? No excuse. I really love this project from Amy over at Homey Oh My blog. It’s the perfect DIY project for beach season! No trip to the beach on the horizon? No problem! Just make yourself a reusable shopping bag for the groceries or an anything bag for that matter. I’m sure you’ll be proud of your handy work either way.

diy beach bag


So Amy from has won me over again with another of her DIY projects. This time it’s this tray which she’s painted ever so stylishly for a flower display on her coffee table. Yes, this is one of those things in the “I just can’t find one anywhere so I’m just going to make it myself” category. You know, like “the tray is the wrong width” or “the stripes are too thin” or “I’d prefer a different colour”… I could go on but I’m sure you get it.

diy painted tray


Last but by no means least – The Macrame Plant Pot Holder from Macrame as an art-form will always be of sentimental value to me because my mom taught me these intricate and very useful knotting techniques when I was a very little girl, and although I went for many years without practicing, I’ve never ever lost the knowledge. It’s probably not surprising, given that we spent hours at a time making the loveliest macrame everything! Belts, plant hangers, wall hangers, bracelets, you name it, we made it. In some ways, I even feel a bit guilty sending you off to some other website for instructions when, given my thorough knowledge of the techniques and the countless items I’ve created, I should really be posting a macrame DIY project of my own here. Eek! Sorry mom! Hhhmmm, that day will come, I promise.

For those of you who have never done macrame, please don’t be intimidated, this project used the most simple knotting techniques and is pretty quick and easy to complete. 


plant pot holder

Have fun!

Nova xoxo


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