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May 6

Tasty pan-fried sea bream fillet… It’s what I had for dinner!

As the Ocado guy delivered my grocery shopping last weekend, I became very excited about the Saucy Fish Company’s sea bream fillet. I’m a pescetarian, hence fish is very much a part of my daily diet, so I’m still not sure why the sudden burst of excitement over sea bream. Anyway, that feeling led me to prepare my fish in a different way than my usual – season, place in oven, then return to the kitchen when the timer starts yelling.

It’s not that I don’t like cooking, I’d just rather not be standing over the hob doing any labour intensive activities requiring my full attention…like frying. Ugh, let’s not even talk about the uncontrollable splattering oil! Anyway, I remembered a simple Mediterranean Sea Bream Fillet recipe I found over at the Lovely Cooking blog (see link below), and decided to give in to pan-frying this once. Here’s a photo of the outcome, which tasted just a good as it looks.

Mediterranean Sea Bream Fillet

You may notice that I garnished with coriander (known to some as cilantro) instead of spring onions as Lilla did in the original recipe. Well, I didn’t have the latter in my fridge and had no desire to go out and fetch. Besides, I really enjoy my tomatoes with crushed coriander and extra virgin olive oil on a regular day anyway.

Go on, add some sea bream fillets to your shopping cart and try this…you won’t regret it.

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LINK LOVE: Mediterranean Sea Bream Fillet by Lovely Cooking Foodie Addict

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