Colour Story 101 Pink+Yellow+Grey

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re having a great weekend. Mine is progressing very well thus far, so no complaints here.

This is the very first post in my new weekly column titled Colour Story, which I’m very excited to share. Colour Story consists of one mood board featuring a combination of colours, followed by Get The Goods, a few of my favourite picks that may inspire you to create your own version of this colour story at home.


I’m well known for being a lover of colour, but not just any colour, I love very bright colours. Pink and yellow is one of my favourite colour combinations and I love pairing these two at high intensities. This colour combination will work beautifully in any room when you add light to medium shades of grey to the mix for a measured sense of calm and sobriety.


I’ve had a lifelong obsession with mellow yellow; discovering this Dulux Cornfield in a silk finish years ago was a moment of sheer bliss. I’ve always got a tin of the stuff, and it takes a significant amount of willpower to stop myself from using it on every piece of furniture that enters my apartment…my bookshelves and side tables did not escape! As for hot pink, well, if you’ve ever met me, you’ll know it’s my all time favourite nail colour. My manicurist knows to always have the prized little pot of Royal Highness in her kit when she comes over to do my nails.

I understand that some people shy away from using these colours together in their homes because they fear it will be too overwhelming, but if you pick the right pieces with the right level of intensities you’re likely to achieve excellent results. Here are a few tips/ideas.

1. Start off in neutral, white walls are perfect when you’re going for bright colour combinations, it keeps things fresh and luminous and it makes your colours pop.

2. Go for bold designs and statement pieces, like this mellow yellow Jonah 3-seater sofa from which would look oh so glamorous when accessorised with this gorgeous silk pink cushion from Heal’s. Can’t live with a yellow sofa? Then bring a dormant dining room to life by adding a collection of bright pink dining chairs like the one pictured below.

3. Now introduce light/medium shades of grey to help you achieve balance and the required element of sobriety in your space.

Voila! You’re bound to feel a surge of happiness whenever you step into that room!


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6 Responses to Colour Story 101 Pink+Yellow+Grey

  1. Stephanie says:

    WOW I would have never thought about putting those colours together but they really work!

    • Yes, it’s one of my favourite combinations and can be found in a few spots around my apartment. I especially love wearing these colours together during the summer months. 🙂 Thanks for your comment Stephanie.

  2. ginacaro says:

    I love this colour combo! I’ve gone for a coral and gold in my living room which is quite similar although I’m wishing I had done this now! #LoveYourHome

  3. KarenAnita says:

    What a beautiful combo! I think both go amazingly well with the greys too. Really pulls them together. Love this colour scheme. #loveyourhome

    Karen x

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