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Spring Green: My 10 Favourites from Designer’s Guild

As botanical prints make an appearance on many things this season, I find myself  falling in love with various shades of green. Being a truly loyal fan of lime green and chartreuse, it has come as a pleasant surprise that I’m rapidly gaining interest in a myriad of other greens, from the most subtle barely-there hints to the deepest, richest, more jewel toned versions of this lush and hopeful colour. Perfect timing I think, given the eclectic choices popping up in stores for Spring/Summer.

Summer Palace Designers Guild

Now I know there’s green stuff everywhere but in my opinion, no one does green (and blue too) quite like Designer’s Guild, so naturally they’re my first choice for featuring here. Lets have a look at my 10 spring green favourites from Designer’s Guild.



Of all the greens I’ve ever met, none has had me swooning quite like Designer’s Guild Varese Leaf No. 93 paint has. “As joyful as the first leaves of spring”, is how they’ve described it, and they really couldn’t be more accurate even if they tried. This irresistible hue is every colour lover’s dream! It’s bold, it oozes confidence, and it’s versatility makes it suitable for full walls and accent features alike. This paint is available in four finishes – Perfect Matt Emulsion, Perfect Water-Based Eggshell, Perfect Oil-Based Eggshell, Perfect Floor Paint. Designer’s Guild paints are environmentally friendly and their Oil-Based Eggshell is made from a vegetable oil base. I bought a pot for an upcoming project which I can hardly wait to get started on.

varese leaf paint designers guild



Remember a few months ago when I did this post about rugs while in search of a grassy green rug to spruce up my living room? Well, I’ve since found this gorgeously green rug in the Designer’s Guild Marylebone store, and have fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with it. So much so, that I literally had a roll around on it in-store! It’s exactly what my living room needs right now, so I’ve since called off the search. The Soho Chartreuse Rug is made from 100% New Zealand Wool, it’s a chunky rug with a sumptuous textural appearance and a surprisingly soft finish. For me, this rug is a must buy, and whilst I consider myself lucky enough to have found it in the exact shade of green I was looking for, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s also available in twenty-one(derful) signature Designer’s Guild hues. That’s more than enough to find one that suits your taste, and it also comes in two sizes. I’m super excited about getting this rug! Hhhmmm, I wonder if the lovely Tricia Guild will be so kind to sign the underside on mine?

soho chartreuse rug - designers guild



I’ve bought many a Lario Grass Napkins from Designer’s Guild. Why? You may ask. Because, not only do I use them for dinner settings, but I’ve also given them as gifts and even used them as gift wraps on a few occasions. I was pleased to see that the people who received a gift wrapped in these last Christmas, later bought their very own set for use at dinner. Looks like I made them buy it! Ha-ha! I can’t remember a time when I’ve used them for dinner and not had to write the name of this product for at least one guest! These square napkins measure 45x45cm, they’re made from soft 100% pure linen and are available in a wide selection of vibrant colours. Designer’s Guild recommends pairing these napkins with their Lario Lemon Placemats for a bright and fresh look. I couldn’t agree more! Here’s one all wrapped up in a nifty little package I gave as a gift last Christmas.

Lario Grass Napkins - Designers Guild



Aside from the delicate apple green colour of these pure honeycomb linen towels, I love that they are textured yet still so soft… I took a few of the face towels with me on holiday recently and was really impressed with how very little space they took up in my luggage. If, like me, you don’t like using hotel towels on your face, these are the perfect face care travel buddies for you – they’re light and easy to pack, they’re super absorbent and dry very quickly. They’re soft on your skin, and the subtle textured finish makes them look rather stylish.

orica apple towels designers guild



I’ve always loved the Saraille range from Designer’s Guild, but of all the beautiful colours available (8 for wallpaper & 14 for fabric), Saraille in grass in a long standing favourite. This is an extraordinarily simple yet beautiful design. It starts with an intensely rich shading at the bottom, which gradually fades to white at the top (or vice versa, depending on how you choose to hang it). This washable wallpaper is available in standard 3m drops, but can also be custom ordered as 4m or 5m if required.

The good news is, you don’t have to miss out if wallpaper is a no-go zone for you! The versatile tonal  design is also available in a 100% linen fabric with a tumbled finish and it looks amazing hanging as curtains.

saraille wallpaper and fabric - designers guild



The sophisticated bohemian feel of this abstract tie-dye design is oh so dreamy. For me, it evokes a sentimental longing and wistful affection for my younger years, when my mommy and I would while away our warm summer days crafting beautiful items from our very own freshly tie-dyed fabrics. The understated pale jade would undoubtedly be her pick, while I’m totally going bonkers for the acid sharp grass green hue. Designer’s Guild Savine fabric is available in 7 colours.

savine fabric designers guild



Make a bold statement with this small light green hand-blown vase. This sculptural vase is beautifully textured, and has such a striking appearance on it’s own, it doesn’t even need flowers to stand out.

bambola vase - designers guild



Designer’s Guild describes the Sussex Wallpaper perfectly, as an elegant small scale geometric motif, reminiscent of wooden marquetry, in a range of resplendent colours. Printed on a high quality ‘easy to hang’ non-woven ground. I absolutely love this detailed repeat pattern in all 10 lovely colours but I’m totally smitten by this wallpaper in chartreuse.




The gorgeous Brera washed linen cushion is the perfect spring/summer living room staple. The complimentary stitched edges set them apart stylishly from the other plain linen cushions I’ve seen on the market this season. The lime and grass, pictured here, compliment each other very well, but for those of you who like the more understated shades, jade and celadon might be more appealing. The cushion dimensions are 50x50cm and they’re available in 12 lovely colours.

brera lino cushions - designers guild



The Nabucco Wallpaper is an exquisite all-over alligator skin pattern printed on high quality, non-woven ground. Although I’m not the biggest fan of skin patterns, this wallpaper really appeals to me in moss green. The size of the pattern and it’s subtlety makes it a rather glamorous and sophisticated way of introducing skin patterns to your home decor. This washable wallpaper is available in 12 colours on 10m rolls.

nabucco moss wallpaper - designers guild

Lario Grass Napkin giftwrap image is my own. All other images are from the Designer’s Guild website.


18 Chelsea Mews Loves… The Rug Collection at Heal’s

It’s a beautiful sunny day in London! I’m so over Winter now and can hardly wait for Spring, but I’m well aware that there’s still some time to go before the cold and dark days are all gone. I’m longing for a change in my home decor but as Winter persists, I’m thinking it’s still a little early for the light and colourful linen voile curtains I dream of. A new rug in a popping colour perhaps? That should do the trick!

A rug is a timeless home accessory that can easily be the perfect solution to your interior design problems. Chosen wisely, a rug is perfect for adding warmth, colour and texture to a room. It’s great for dividing spaces, protecting surfaces and cohesively bringing the other design elements together in living spaces.

grey rug laid

I’ve been browsing the internet to find a grass green rug for my living room to replace the black and white one I now have. Don’t get me wrong, I still like everything about my Stockholm rug, but I think a lovely hit of green is what’s needed in here to  fast-forward my home to Spring, my favourite season of the year. During my online search, I found the most impressive, ‘to die for’, designer rug collection at Heal’s! Although they’re not quite what I’m looking for at the moment, I couldn’t resist sharing my 10 favourites here. Perhaps you’ll find something you’re looking for, or some much needed inspiration at the very least. Be sure to let me know your favourites and why.



The Gandia Blasco Mangas Plait Yellow Rug is handmade using very fine pure wool, designed by Spanish Architect Patricia Urquiola. The design fuses neutral and strong colours to create a warm space for a variety of interiors.

yellow rug

wool rug magas gandia blascoedge detail



The Gandia Blasco Bandas Turquoise Rug was designed by the renowned designer Patricia Urquiola. The four intricate Hand stitched panels are made from fine quality New Zealand wool, with a Velcro reverse which can be easily reconfigured to update any interior setting.

velcro detail

gandia blasco


Designers Guild Savine Indigo Rug. Hand woven using pure wool, the Savine Indigo rug features a spectacular tie dyed design – creating a uniquely distinctive focal point for your home.


indigo details



Linie Design Jasmine Grey Rug Carefully crafted by artisans using the finest genuine leather, the Jasmine Grey rug, by designer Helene Stenkjaer Iversen lends the interior a touch of luxury. Its simple design draws the eye and captures the attention – a contemporary focal point accessory for the home.

leather rug



A Heal’s exclusive, the Loha Blue & White Rug By Kangan Arora has a bold geometric pattern. Crafted from 100% wool, this hand-woven Kelim was designed to reflect the welded metal structures that criss-cross the back of trucks that weave through the Indian Highways. Available in two colour ways, Indigo and Chartreuse.




The Gandia Blasco Fenix Ginger Rug features an intricate flowing pattern made from 100% wool. Made using the traditional Chain Stitch technique, a style of embroidery in which a series of looped stiches form a chain like pattern.


gandia detail



Designers Guild Eberson Cobalt Rug. This luxury woven rug fades through shades of cobalt from light to dark. The yarn is woven on a broadloom and dried in the sun to give it an intense lustre.

designers guild cobalt




Linie Designs Pulvis Pink Runner. A luxury striped runner featuring a fusion of bright and neutral colours. A contemporary runner that adds a colourful focal point to any hallway.




Asko Light Grey/Natural Wool Rug. The design of this 100% wool, handwoven rug is inspired of the shape of honeycombs.




Plantation Rug Company Hampton Petrol Blue Rug. A unique blue and white pattern and close attention to detail epitomises the crafstmanship and immense attention to detail that has gone into making this contemporary rug. Intricately hand-loomed from bamboo silk and viscose to the highest quality – it makes for a worthy centrepiece in any home.



18 Chelsea Mews Loves…

18 Chelsea Mews loves…


Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I’m a big fan of M&S Food. It’s probably pretty accurate to say that I’m obsessed with their little pots of antipasti, humous, finger foods, fruits, vegetables, seafood, healthy snacks and sweet treats. So when I stumbled upon their mouthwatering food advert on YouTube this weekend, it’s no wonder I had it on repeat for a while, and I love that they’ve used Clean Bandit’s Rather Be as the soundtrack.

Can’t get enough of all this food imagination? Check out the ads they’ve made for Mexican, Thai and Japanese Cuisines. Delightful foodie perfection!

Source: Mark & Spencer on You Tube

18 Chelsea Mews Loves…

Hey lovelies! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, enjoying the weather wherever you are in the world.

18 Chelsea Mews loves…

1. Dartington Crystal Little Gems Collection

So here’s my most recent purchase, this delightful little lantern turquoise vase from Dartington’s Little Gems collection. I placed a single pink peony in as soon as I returned home, and it now sits among the items taking pride of place on my mellow yellow bookshelf.

dartington_little_gems -

Aptly named, these gorgeous little gems with their vibrant colours and eclectic shapes bring a charming yet contemporary feel to any display. I’m not at all surprised as Dartington Crystal is renowned for creating elegant designs in glass and crystal for almost 50 years. The Little Gems collection was designed by Hilary Green and is handmade in the United Kingdom. They’re sold individually gift-boxed in a lovely little cylinder; perfect if gift-wrapping is not your strong point.

Dartingtington Little Gems Collection -



2. Fermob Outdoor Furniture

Summer is here and the fabulously bright and cheerful garden furniture from Fermob has won me over again! Oh how I wish I had a sprawling backyard to deck out with the lovely goodness that is Fermob! This French outdoor furniture brand certainly knows that it’s just as important to have ‘a stylish room outside’ as it is to have inside. Their range of metal furniture is available in a wide array of colours, 24 to be exact. The colours are divided into 5 categories – metal, fresh, contemporary, sparkling and classic. Absolutely perfect for the colour freak in me!

fermob garden



3. Aesop Mouthwash

This should really be in the ‘Things You’ll Always Find On My Bathroom Counter’ post, but as I haven’t written any such post yet, it’s making its debut here. Aesop mouthwash is simply amazing! My favourite thing about it is that it’s alcohol-free. Bye-bye mouth-shredder Listerine! This refreshing botanical blend of clove bud, aniseed and spearmint leaf has a subtle flavour and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Admittedly, I initially got sucked in by the packaging. The 500ml brown glass bottle, with a tiny measuring beaker that fits perfectly over the cap, comes in a nifty little drawstring cotton bag, each with a different quote printed on the back. I conveniently repurpose the bags as shoe bags for my ballerina pumps and my well-loved colourful collection of Havaianas flip-flops. Aesop also feeds my obsession with brown glass bottles (yup, I’ve got a thing for brown glass bottles…sshhhh); I repurpose the bottles as vases for brightly coloured blooms. The beakers have become holders for my interdental brushes and dental floss toothpicks. Aesop has made me quite the repurposing queen!

Aesop repurposed - 18chelseamews.comThanks for stopping by!

Nova xo

18 Chelsea Mews Loves…

Hello lovelies! Sorry I’ve been away for so long but I can assure you, it was for a very good reason. My mommy dearest has finally made the 10 hour flight (9hrs 40mins to be exact) from Jamaica to London to visit me, so of course, I took some time out to give her my full attention and some well-deserved TLC.

Now that I’m back, I’d like to share with you, 3 things I’m loving right now. I’ve changed the post title for this series after finding that many other bloggers have been using the previous title ‘3 Things I’m Loving Right Now’. I know there’s nothing new under the sun but I just wanted to use something more unique to my blog, so the new title for the series is 18 Chelsea Mews Loves…

1. Karlsson Pictogram Rainbow Wall Clock

Karlsson is well known for their unconventional, modern and minimalist designs. This Pictogram Rainbow Wall Clock really appeals to me with it’s playful, vibrant splashes of colour and it’s distinct likeness to that very trendy POP Swatch watch I owned as a teenager. It is perfect for brightening any interior wall and something tells me this funky timepiece will be sitting pretty on a wall in my home very soon!

karlsson pictogram rainbow clock


2. Amy Sia Indian Summer Scarf

Australian born, London based designer Amy Sia’s pretty painterly textiles are striking. I especially love this digitally printed modal/silk scarf which features almost every colour you can think of. I’m sure we can all agree that it’s an excellent way to inject some colour in our wardrobe, what with London being covered in a blanket of grey over there last few days. I vote Bring Spring Back!

amy sia indian summer scarf


3. Tricia Guild Colour Deconstructed Illustrated Hardcover Book

This beautifully made hardback book is perfect for showing off on bookshelves and coffee tables. In addition to the trending vibrant coloured edged pages and the sense character  implied by the exposed stitching along the spine, I was instantly sold on this book after quickly scanning the gorgeous colourful illustrations within. I’m pleased to announce, I now have my very own copy! I just wish I could get it signed by Tricia Guild herself.

Living Etc. summed it up perfectly with this review: ‘Nobody does colour quite like Trica Guild. Her new book, Colour Deconstructed, is an exploration of her signature hues, from fuchsia to cobalt, and is a lesson in transforming a room from dull to dazzling. Packed full of inspirational photography, it’ll give you the blues (and the greens and the yellows) in a good way.’ –Living Etc, 1st November 2013

tricia guild colour deconstructed

Thanks for reading and toodles for now! I promise I won’t stay away for long this time.


3 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Hello lovelies! 

I’ve decided to do at least 1 post per week specifically for sharing 3 things I’m really loving right now. This is the first in the series so… here goes!

1. Vita Eos Pendant Shade

I’m loving the distinctive ethereal quality of these gorgeous feather pendant lampshades from Danish company Vita. The Vita Eos pendant shade looks stylishly simple and minimal in the daytime and, when lit, it radiates a soft and cosy glow. It’s good that it comes in three sizes – mini, large and XL, so they’re suitable for low or high ceilings and for big or small spaces. Even better, they look amazing hanging in multiples! What a joy it is to find beautiful affordable Scandinavian design that suits my existing home decor! On that note, I’ll have the mini for my bedroom please… Thanks!

Vita Eos Pendant Lamp Shade

Vita Eos Shade


2. Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne

This is a sophisticated floral sweetness; not saccharine. It’s not very bold; it whispers. I’m calling it the essence of charm and femininity. Given my obsession with peonies I guess it comes as no surprise that I’m loving this fragrance. Aside from the obvious, here’s a short list of other reasons I’m probably so drawn to this fragrance.

  • It was created by Christine Nagel, the Swiss perfumer who created one of my favourite perfumes ever… Cartier’s Delices de Cartier.
  • Jasmine is included in the middle notes. I don’t know how or why, but Jasmine always happens to be included in all the perfumes I like, yet I still find it a pleasant surprise when I realise it’s somewhere in there.
  • I shamelessly have a weakness for packaging and visual merchandising and, let’s face it, Jo Malone is so very good at that!

I said a short list right? Hhhmmm, that’s not really a list and it isn’t really short, is it? Fine, I’ll stop here, but first let me give you the notes of this lovely little treat for the olfactory. Top Notes: Red Apple | Middle Note: Peony, Jasmine, Carnation and Rose | Base Notes: Suede. Ooh, and they have a scented candle too if you just want your home to smell like this!

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Cologne

3. Antonio Federici Amaretto Gelato

One word – BLISS! Need I say more?

You already know that I like it with toasted Belgian waffles, mixed berries and yellow flesh nectarine if you’ve seen the picture below.

Not that one really has anything to do with the other, but I find it slightly amusing that one other thing Antonio Federici is really good at, apart from making great ice-cream of course, is making ice-cream ads that are destined to be banned. There was that one a few years ago with a satirical take on the nativity scene. Where instead of Frankincense, Incense and Myrrh, their three very wise ice-cream men carried tubs of Amaretto, Pistachio and Caffé Espresso gelato as their offering to baby Jesus. Mary was holding the spoon… I like Mary… she’s the wisest one here in my opinion. Then there was that other ad they released with the priest and the nun, which was intended to portray ‘forbidden Italian temptations’. Yes, that one was promptly banned too! 

Despite their controversial taste in advertising material, they’ve certainly got their product right. It’s a good thing the guys in advertising don’t actually make the gelato then.

Antonio Federici Amaretto Gelato

That’s it for now. Wow, who would have guessed this was very much intended to be a short post? Well, certainly not me! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing what three things you’re loving right now and why. Post them in the comments below.