St. Patrick’s Day Guinness Stout Float

With today being St. Patrick’s Day, there’s no guessing, there will be copious amounts of Guinness flowing from the beer taps all around the world this evening. Although I’m more of a red wine and cocktails kind of girl, I’m certainly not opposed to joining the masses for a bit of St. Paddy’s Day Guinness consumption. Being such a lightweight myself, I think I’ll opt to have my share of Guinness in the form of a tasty dessert that won’t leave me with a hangover. For those who are tempted to razz…it’s called drinking responsibly!


I’ll be using this St. Patrick’s Day Stout Float recipe I found over at Verily Magazine, I found it a lot more interesting than just pouring a ½ pint of Guinness over a few scoops of blah vanilla ice-cream. I may have to substitute one or two ingredients as I don’t want to do shopping trip specifically for this. Wish me luck!




Image Source: St. Patrick’s Day Stout Float recipe

5 Benefits of Taking Your Lunch to Work

Let’s face it, the ‘brown bag’ lunch is not considered exciting, appealing nor trendy but a lunch made at home can be far more beneficial to your health and wealth. There are a number of reasons we opt out of taking our lunch to work, but whatever the excuses, here are some benefits to consider before dashing out to that restaurant or sandwich shop.


1. You’ll Love What You Eat
Making your own lunch guarantees that you’ll like what you’re having. Yes, we’ve all had the experience of trying something new from that cafe, restaurant or deli, only to come away being sorely disappointed that it didn’t live up to the high expectations of our sophisticated palate

2. Quality Control
Food prepared at home is often a healthier, more delicious option than anything you’ll buy at a store or restaurant. You control the quality of the food, which is particularly important if you have food concerns such as gluten and lactose intolerance. Even when you get a ‘healthy’ option from a restaurant, it is likely to be higher in sodium than anything you might make at home.

3. Savour the Savings
Lunch from home is far more cost effective than buying lunch everyday. It is no secret that saving the money spent on buying lunch everyday could buy you far more, and better quality foods at the grocery store.

4. Quality Time
Bringing your lunch to work gives you more free time during the lunch hour. Having plenty of free time to make personal calls, pop out for a bit of fun lunch-time shopping or simply relax and enjoy the rest of your break must be far more appealing than spending valuable time queuing at a shop or waiting to be served at restaurant. Oh, the ease of reaching for your lunch bag at your desk! See point 1 in Think Outside the Lunch Box below.

5. Zero Waste
Take the ‘zero-waste lunch’ approach, where everything can be eaten, reused, or recycled. Take your lunch to work in reusable containers and eat with cutlery that can be washed and used again. There’s no way of avoiding the disposable sandwich and snack containers when you opt to buy your lunch at the shops.


Think Outside the Lunch Box

A few additional tips to keep your packed lunch interesting.

  • Just because you bring your lunch to work doesn’t mean you have to eat at your desk. Enjoy your packed lunch at the park, in the canteen or other ‘break-out’ areas in the building.
  • Don’t forget snack and dessert time. Bringing a snack from home is inexpensive and convenient and keeps things interesting.
  • Remember to include foods from all of the major food groups, including fruits, vegetables, and grains, as well as dairy products and lean meats.
  • Keeping it colourful with fruits and vegetables, makes it more enticing to eat.
  • Buy a nifty reusable lunch container that will make any lunch more fun, like these cutesy Happy Jackson ones pictured here; I spotted them at John Lewis recently.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed this post. Our next Foodies’ Delight post will feature some tasty recipes to delight your taste buds during the lunch hour.

See you soon!


Photo Credits: Pecorino Crumbed Chicken on Salad – Simply Delicious Blog by Alida Ryder | Happy Jackson Lunch Box – John Lewis