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Urban Jungle Bloggers: The Plant Shelfie

I love taking shelfies! Which is just great as I never take selfies…it’s just not my thing. Lucky for me, the avid shelfie snapper, November’s Urban Jungle Bloggers focus is the ‘Plant Shelfie’. This couldn’t be more perfectly timed because my houseplant count has increased significantly over the past month as a result of two gifts and a few purchases. So what better way to show off  a few of them than with a few shelfies?

Of course, the perfect little green newcomers to the Mews deserve an equally perfect spot to thrive and stay healthy here, so I’ve been changing things around a bit, much to my own delight. My current favourite newcomer is this cutesy little terrarium I made two days ago at the Heal’s Store Christmas Party, under the supervision of Emma & Tom from London Terrariums. I think I did pretty well, considering it’s my first, and I made it after having a few glasses of Processo and Sipsmith Damson Vodka! Given my obsession with ribbons and bows, I’m sure it isn’t surprising that I’ve since dressed up the little gem with pink and green velvet ribbons and turned it into the first sign of Christmas in my living room.

Plant Shelfie - terrarium bauble - 18chelseamews -

Plant Shelfie - - urbanjunglebloggers.5

You may have noticed in the images I’ve shown of my living room previously, that the windows are in alcoves/recesses, and are also quite generous in size, making them the perfect little stage for shelfies of all sorts. The arrival of my new plants triggered some lovely ideas of how I could jazz-up my windows with a colourful display.

In the early summer of this year, I bought a few MT Casa products including a 200mm wide roll of pretty pink stripe Washi Tape without having a clue what I was going to use it for. Then 2 weeks ago I decided to use it as a backdrop for my window shelfie, which turned out to be quite a satisfying little styling session. I usually change things around at home very often but I’m thinking these shelves might stay this way for a while, at least until Christmas decor comes rushing in.

Plant Shelfie - 18chelseamews - urbanjunglebloggers.2

Plant Shelfie - - urban jungle bloggers..3

This is my second Urban Jungle Bloggers submission (see my first here), and I thoroughly enjoyed styling and photographing my plants, even the ones that didn’t make the cut for this post. I hope you like my plant shelfies as much as I do, and be sure to look out for future posts with other fabulous shelfie ideas for your home.

 Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series run by Igor of Happy Interior Blog and Judith of, with the aim of highlighting the beauty and benefits of houseplants and other greeneries in urban spaces. To find out more, visit the website or search #urbanjunglebloggers.

Moroccan-Inspired Decor

I’ve always loved Moroccan interior design, but given that I’m an ardent lover of colourful interiors, it is a little surprising that my preferred Moroccan-inspired decor style is rather muted in comparison to the real deal. Picture a visually enchanting blend of Arabian, African and Mediterranean influences, balanced by the pared-back simplicity and tranquility of Scandinavian home styling… That suits me perfectly. Whatever your preference, genuinely knowing your likes and dislikes is the best starting point for achieving Moroccan-inspired decor that works perfectly in your own home.


moroccan tile design

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 21.12.22

moroccan wedding blanket


Morocco is an extremely diverse country with mostly Arab, indigenous Berber, European and sub-Saharan African residents. The rich history and cultural diversity of this North-African country is strongly reflected in their interior design style, which has become very popular in homes worldwide. Moroccan interior design has its origins in Moorish architecture which is commonly characterised by the arches, domes, courtyards, and decorative tile work still seen throughout the Arab regions of North Africa, and the Iberian Peninsula today.

The classic Moroccan decor in all its splendour can be a bit overwhelming for some tastes, so it is not recommended for the faint at heart. To immerse yourself completely, you’ll need to add a generous dose of vibrant, contrasting colours and heavy patterns, alongside exquisite furnishings, ornate keyhole windows and lofty arches… and that is only the beginning.

modern moroccan interior

justina.b. moroccan inspired airbnb


If you’re not the type to fully commit to this rich, exotic style, it is best to avoid the massive overhaul by carefully selecting a few key pieces, choosing your placement wisely, and voila… you’re golden!

Regardless of your budget, there are many ways to tastefully add a subtle touch of Moroccan charm to your well-loved current decor. Think bold accent hues, complex geometric patterns, colourful tiles, lantern style lighting fixtures, patchwork leather ottomans, intricately carved furniture, sparkly mirrored finishes, pom-pom adorned cushions, traditional Moroccan wedding blankets and luxurious tribal Beni Ourain rugs… the list is endless! A clever approach is to choose just one room and give it the Moroccan makeover, but if you’re on a really tight budget, try creating a beautifully styled Moroccan-themed table vignette instead. Go on, give it a go, you might be surprised at the huge impact this may have on your decor.


Image Credits: 1 //2 //3 //4 //5 //6


Spring Green: My 10 Favourites from Designer’s Guild

As botanical prints make an appearance on many things this season, I find myself  falling in love with various shades of green. Being a truly loyal fan of lime green and chartreuse, it has come as a pleasant surprise that I’m rapidly gaining interest in a myriad of other greens, from the most subtle barely-there hints to the deepest, richest, more jewel toned versions of this lush and hopeful colour. Perfect timing I think, given the eclectic choices popping up in stores for Spring/Summer.

Summer Palace Designers Guild

Now I know there’s green stuff everywhere but in my opinion, no one does green (and blue too) quite like Designer’s Guild, so naturally they’re my first choice for featuring here. Lets have a look at my 10 spring green favourites from Designer’s Guild.



Of all the greens I’ve ever met, none has had me swooning quite like Designer’s Guild Varese Leaf No. 93 paint has. “As joyful as the first leaves of spring”, is how they’ve described it, and they really couldn’t be more accurate even if they tried. This irresistible hue is every colour lover’s dream! It’s bold, it oozes confidence, and it’s versatility makes it suitable for full walls and accent features alike. This paint is available in four finishes – Perfect Matt Emulsion, Perfect Water-Based Eggshell, Perfect Oil-Based Eggshell, Perfect Floor Paint. Designer’s Guild paints are environmentally friendly and their Oil-Based Eggshell is made from a vegetable oil base. I bought a pot for an upcoming project which I can hardly wait to get started on.

varese leaf paint designers guild



Remember a few months ago when I did this post about rugs while in search of a grassy green rug to spruce up my living room? Well, I’ve since found this gorgeously green rug in the Designer’s Guild Marylebone store, and have fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with it. So much so, that I literally had a roll around on it in-store! It’s exactly what my living room needs right now, so I’ve since called off the search. The Soho Chartreuse Rug is made from 100% New Zealand Wool, it’s a chunky rug with a sumptuous textural appearance and a surprisingly soft finish. For me, this rug is a must buy, and whilst I consider myself lucky enough to have found it in the exact shade of green I was looking for, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s also available in twenty-one(derful) signature Designer’s Guild hues. That’s more than enough to find one that suits your taste, and it also comes in two sizes. I’m super excited about getting this rug! Hhhmmm, I wonder if the lovely Tricia Guild will be so kind to sign the underside on mine?

soho chartreuse rug - designers guild



I’ve bought many a Lario Grass Napkins from Designer’s Guild. Why? You may ask. Because, not only do I use them for dinner settings, but I’ve also given them as gifts and even used them as gift wraps on a few occasions. I was pleased to see that the people who received a gift wrapped in these last Christmas, later bought their very own set for use at dinner. Looks like I made them buy it! Ha-ha! I can’t remember a time when I’ve used them for dinner and not had to write the name of this product for at least one guest! These square napkins measure 45x45cm, they’re made from soft 100% pure linen and are available in a wide selection of vibrant colours. Designer’s Guild recommends pairing these napkins with their Lario Lemon Placemats for a bright and fresh look. I couldn’t agree more! Here’s one all wrapped up in a nifty little package I gave as a gift last Christmas.

Lario Grass Napkins - Designers Guild



Aside from the delicate apple green colour of these pure honeycomb linen towels, I love that they are textured yet still so soft… I took a few of the face towels with me on holiday recently and was really impressed with how very little space they took up in my luggage. If, like me, you don’t like using hotel towels on your face, these are the perfect face care travel buddies for you – they’re light and easy to pack, they’re super absorbent and dry very quickly. They’re soft on your skin, and the subtle textured finish makes them look rather stylish.

orica apple towels designers guild



I’ve always loved the Saraille range from Designer’s Guild, but of all the beautiful colours available (8 for wallpaper & 14 for fabric), Saraille in grass in a long standing favourite. This is an extraordinarily simple yet beautiful design. It starts with an intensely rich shading at the bottom, which gradually fades to white at the top (or vice versa, depending on how you choose to hang it). This washable wallpaper is available in standard 3m drops, but can also be custom ordered as 4m or 5m if required.

The good news is, you don’t have to miss out if wallpaper is a no-go zone for you! The versatile tonal  design is also available in a 100% linen fabric with a tumbled finish and it looks amazing hanging as curtains.

saraille wallpaper and fabric - designers guild



The sophisticated bohemian feel of this abstract tie-dye design is oh so dreamy. For me, it evokes a sentimental longing and wistful affection for my younger years, when my mommy and I would while away our warm summer days crafting beautiful items from our very own freshly tie-dyed fabrics. The understated pale jade would undoubtedly be her pick, while I’m totally going bonkers for the acid sharp grass green hue. Designer’s Guild Savine fabric is available in 7 colours.

savine fabric designers guild



Make a bold statement with this small light green hand-blown vase. This sculptural vase is beautifully textured, and has such a striking appearance on it’s own, it doesn’t even need flowers to stand out.

bambola vase - designers guild



Designer’s Guild describes the Sussex Wallpaper perfectly, as an elegant small scale geometric motif, reminiscent of wooden marquetry, in a range of resplendent colours. Printed on a high quality ‘easy to hang’ non-woven ground. I absolutely love this detailed repeat pattern in all 10 lovely colours but I’m totally smitten by this wallpaper in chartreuse.




The gorgeous Brera washed linen cushion is the perfect spring/summer living room staple. The complimentary stitched edges set them apart stylishly from the other plain linen cushions I’ve seen on the market this season. The lime and grass, pictured here, compliment each other very well, but for those of you who like the more understated shades, jade and celadon might be more appealing. The cushion dimensions are 50x50cm and they’re available in 12 lovely colours.

brera lino cushions - designers guild



The Nabucco Wallpaper is an exquisite all-over alligator skin pattern printed on high quality, non-woven ground. Although I’m not the biggest fan of skin patterns, this wallpaper really appeals to me in moss green. The size of the pattern and it’s subtlety makes it a rather glamorous and sophisticated way of introducing skin patterns to your home decor. This washable wallpaper is available in 12 colours on 10m rolls.

nabucco moss wallpaper - designers guild

Lario Grass Napkin giftwrap image is my own. All other images are from the Designer’s Guild website.


18 Chelsea Mews Loves… The Rug Collection at Heal’s

It’s a beautiful sunny day in London! I’m so over Winter now and can hardly wait for Spring, but I’m well aware that there’s still some time to go before the cold and dark days are all gone. I’m longing for a change in my home decor but as Winter persists, I’m thinking it’s still a little early for the light and colourful linen voile curtains I dream of. A new rug in a popping colour perhaps? That should do the trick!

A rug is a timeless home accessory that can easily be the perfect solution to your interior design problems. Chosen wisely, a rug is perfect for adding warmth, colour and texture to a room. It’s great for dividing spaces, protecting surfaces and cohesively bringing the other design elements together in living spaces.

grey rug laid

I’ve been browsing the internet to find a grass green rug for my living room to replace the black and white one I now have. Don’t get me wrong, I still like everything about my Stockholm rug, but I think a lovely hit of green is what’s needed in here to  fast-forward my home to Spring, my favourite season of the year. During my online search, I found the most impressive, ‘to die for’, designer rug collection at Heal’s! Although they’re not quite what I’m looking for at the moment, I couldn’t resist sharing my 10 favourites here. Perhaps you’ll find something you’re looking for, or some much needed inspiration at the very least. Be sure to let me know your favourites and why.



The Gandia Blasco Mangas Plait Yellow Rug is handmade using very fine pure wool, designed by Spanish Architect Patricia Urquiola. The design fuses neutral and strong colours to create a warm space for a variety of interiors.

yellow rug

wool rug magas gandia blascoedge detail



The Gandia Blasco Bandas Turquoise Rug was designed by the renowned designer Patricia Urquiola. The four intricate Hand stitched panels are made from fine quality New Zealand wool, with a Velcro reverse which can be easily reconfigured to update any interior setting.

velcro detail

gandia blasco


Designers Guild Savine Indigo Rug. Hand woven using pure wool, the Savine Indigo rug features a spectacular tie dyed design – creating a uniquely distinctive focal point for your home.


indigo details



Linie Design Jasmine Grey Rug Carefully crafted by artisans using the finest genuine leather, the Jasmine Grey rug, by designer Helene Stenkjaer Iversen lends the interior a touch of luxury. Its simple design draws the eye and captures the attention – a contemporary focal point accessory for the home.

leather rug



A Heal’s exclusive, the Loha Blue & White Rug By Kangan Arora has a bold geometric pattern. Crafted from 100% wool, this hand-woven Kelim was designed to reflect the welded metal structures that criss-cross the back of trucks that weave through the Indian Highways. Available in two colour ways, Indigo and Chartreuse.




The Gandia Blasco Fenix Ginger Rug features an intricate flowing pattern made from 100% wool. Made using the traditional Chain Stitch technique, a style of embroidery in which a series of looped stiches form a chain like pattern.


gandia detail



Designers Guild Eberson Cobalt Rug. This luxury woven rug fades through shades of cobalt from light to dark. The yarn is woven on a broadloom and dried in the sun to give it an intense lustre.

designers guild cobalt




Linie Designs Pulvis Pink Runner. A luxury striped runner featuring a fusion of bright and neutral colours. A contemporary runner that adds a colourful focal point to any hallway.




Asko Light Grey/Natural Wool Rug. The design of this 100% wool, handwoven rug is inspired of the shape of honeycombs.




Plantation Rug Company Hampton Petrol Blue Rug. A unique blue and white pattern and close attention to detail epitomises the crafstmanship and immense attention to detail that has gone into making this contemporary rug. Intricately hand-loomed from bamboo silk and viscose to the highest quality – it makes for a worthy centrepiece in any home.



Merry & Bright: Dining With Debenhams This Christmas

Hello lovelies! I hope you’ve had a great week. I sure did with all this prepping for the fun and fabulous Christmas dinner party I’ll be hosting for a few of my friends here in London.

So, what have I got planned for our Christmas dinner party? Well, it would be rather un-cool to spill the beans before the date, but what I will say is bordering on pretty obvious… I’m not your average ‘red, green and white Christmas with bells on’ kind of girl so my Christmas dinner table features the more alternative festive colours like pink, turquoise, lime and yellow. The advantage is, it’s never too difficult to put together a table setting with a mix of these beautiful colours as they feature throughout my home in various shades all year round. So there’s none of that ‘I’m buying this for use only at Christmas’ or worse, ‘Let’s put this away until next Christmas’ happening around here. There just isn’t enough storage space for that kind of thing. The tree, the baubles, miniature Rudolph, Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Blitzen and the gang are the only exceptions, of course!

This week, I was delighted to see that Jen Stanbrook over at Love Chic Living blog is hosting the ‘I’m Dreaming of Debenhams Dinnerware’ Competition in association with Debenhams. As I’ve accumulated quite a few colourful and well loved pieces from Matthew Williamson’s Butterfly Home range at Debenhams over the years, I was immediately reeled in by this. Of course I wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to buy myself more of that colourful goodness…and have you seen the gorgeous Abigail Ahern lamps they now have in stock? The Grey Hare and the Green Parrot are my absolute favourites! Swoon! Anyway, I digress. Let’s take a seat at my dream Christmas dinner table, shall we?

THE INSPIRATION: Owing to my legacy of growing up in Jamaica, my dream Christmas dinner table is set on a cool and relaxing, evening by the beach. It features glassy turquoise and pinks, with hints of yellow and lime upon a pristine white linen table cloth that shimmers in the early evening light. There’s a lively play of colour, reminiscent of the blushed pink bougainvillea’s rhythmic dance to the cool evening breeze, with the sprawling beauty of the Caribbean Sea as it’s backdrop.


THE MOODBOARD: I’ve styled my moodboard with my favourite decorative jar from the Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson range at Debenhams. I often use it as a vase (it looks amazing with the big pink fluffy hydrangeas hanging over the edges), but it looks just as gorgeous with lemons and clementines, bringing a refreshing brightness to my table, reminiscent of the sunshine Christmases I used to have back home in Jamaica. The multi-coloured baubles and luxury Christmas crackers are the perfect combination of colours! Borrowing a bit of sparkle to reflect the season here in the UK, my second home, I’ve added the most gorgeous metal snowflake table confetti I recently bought from Debenhams. These are such an excellent buy as you can use them again in the future as many times as you wish, without the constant sighting of stray paper confetti around your home for days after use! I simply had to include the Aynsley Belvedere 12-piece fine bone china set; I’ve had my eyes on it for some time now. Have you noticed the champagne flutes with the decorative snowflake clip-on wine charms? These are available in 6 colours pretty metallic colours. What could be more charming? I love these J by Jasper Conran Burlington Champagne flutes the most because the stems are longer than average, giving them added elegance, and of course more room for the festive snowflake stainless steel clip on wine glass charms. I welcome every opportunity to use these flutes; they’re made from good quality glass that make a very merry crystal-like chime…CHEERS!

NOW LET’S EAT!: So the table is beautifully laid and we’re all seated, now let’s enjoy one of my favourite Christmas dishes. I’m a pescetarian so my Christmas dinner seems more like the traditional Southern Italian Christmas Eve Feast of Seven Fishes. My favourite Christmas meal is Pan-seared Maple Bourbon Glazed Salmon with Sweet Cranberry Chutney. Tieghan over at Half Baked Harvest blog recently shared an excellent and easy-to-follow recipe for this and she’s served it with  Salt Roast Potatoes. Give it a try! Maple bourbon glazed salmon is quite delicious on its own, but coupled with Cranberry Chutney, it’s divine! The complex combination of flavours and the beautiful colours make this the perfect Christmas meal. BON APPETIT!

18 chelsea mews. merry and bright christmas with debenhams

get the goods at debenhams-18 chelsea mews

GET THE GOODS: So here are the 18 top picks from yours truly at number 18. HAPPY SHOPPING!

1.RJR John Rocha Orr Polished 16 Piece Cutlery Set 2.Royal Doulton Set of Four Porcelain ‘1815’ Dinner Plates 3.J by Jasper Conran Set of Four Burlington Champagne Flutes 4.Salt & Pepper Metal Snowflake Bottle Stopper 5. Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson Designer Pink Optic Glass Jar with Lid (also available in blue6.Debenhams Pack of Twelve Luxury Teal Mistletoe Christmas Crackers 7. Sagaform Set of Two Pink ‘Spectra’ Dessert Bowls (also available in blue) 8.Royal Doulton Set of Eight ‘1815’ coloured olive trays 9.Dartington Crystal Aqua ‘H2O’ Carafe and Tumbler Set 10.Salt & Pepper Metal Snowflake Table Confetti 11.Guzzino Pair of Green Espresso Cups and Saucers 12. Debenhams Set of Six Multi-coloured Christmas Baubles 13.Royal Doulton ‘Pop in for Drinks’ Stainless Wine Cooler with Pink Interior  14.Debenhams Cream Set of 4 LED Tea Lights  15.Debenhams White Medium Damask Tablecloth and set of 8 Napkins 16.RJR. John Rocha Designer Aqua Glass Tea Light Holder 17.Salt & Pepper Set of Four Silver Snowflake Napkin Rings 18.Debenhams Silver Glittery Reindeer Christmas Ornament

MOODBOARD IMAGE CREDITS: – baubles, plates and Christmas crackers all from Debenhams (see links above), centre image of baubles under bell cloche, all other images are my own.

GET THE GOODS IMAGE CREDITS: All images numbered in the ‘Get the Goods’ shopping section are from Debenhams (see links above)

This post has been submitted to the ‘I’m Dreaming of Debenhams Dinnerware’ Competition hosted by Love Chic Living in association with Debenhams.

UPDATE: This post was chosen as the winning entry for the ‘I’m Dreaming of Debenhams Dinnerware’ Competition! Thanks to Jen Stanbrook & Debenhams.

Let’s Go Shopping: 11 Colourful Bathroom Accessories You’ll Love

Now that I’ve given you a few ideas on how to stylishly add a splash of colour to your bathroom, here’s the virtual mini shopping spree I promised last week. I’ve rounded up a collection of 11 items you can buy to get your bathroom popping with colour. Some are items I already own, others are items I just wish I had.

My favourites are the Frottier Cawo Towels, I’ve honestly never used towels better than these, and they launder really well too! The toilet paper holder is a pretty nifty design which can be used as a towel hanger when assembled differently. I’m loving the beautiful handcrafted jewel-like soaps and the lime green toilet roll, but these silicone glow-in-dark taps that double up as a nightlight are pretty fantastic!

What’s your favourite of these colourful bathroom accessories?

Happy shopping!

18chelseamews - bathroom accessories

18chelseamews - bathroom accessories -1

18chelseamews - bathroom accessories - 2

THE SHOPPING LIST: 1. Diablo Toilet Paper Holder by Vandiss | 2. Multicoloured Terry Towels & Bath Mats by Frottier Cawo (the best towels I’ve ever had!) | 3. Metaform Bathroom Accessories – Mobi & Wally | 4. Customisable Pendant Lamp by NUD Collection (choose your favourite socket, cord and bulb) | 5. Merdolino Toilet Brush by Alessi | 6. Handcrafted Soap Stones by PELLE | 7. Lime Green Toilet Paper by Renova (available in other colours) | 8. Curious Room Diffuser by True Grace | 9. Joyce Dot Valve Cover by Villeroy & Boch | 10 & 11. Pop Taps by Zazzeri

Decorate Your Bathroom With A Bold Splash Of Colour

Thinking of decorating your bathroom with a bold splash of colour?

Whilst I’m generally okay with the standard all-white or muted decor in a bathroom, I find it rather difficult to live without brighter colours in any space in my home. That said, it’s not surprising that I’m always searching for more stylish and fun ways to add colour to even the smallest of spaces.

Admittedly, my approach to colour in the bathroom is a bit more tempered than it is anywhere else in my home; possibly owing to the fact that my bathroom, though sizeable, is the smallest room in my apartment. Adding a piece of furniture or a collection of accessories in a vibrant colour or two, appeals to my taste far more, than going for an all-round paint job of the entire space. A bold splash of colour in the bathroom creates a striking statement that is more than enough to quell my colour craving in small spaces. Do we share the same sentiments?

Whatever your budget, here are some easy ways to add a splash of colour to your bathroom without the burden and expenses of scheduling a major renovation project.


If you’re lucky enough to have space for stand-alone furniture in your bathroom, that’s an excellent way to add colour that is likely to make a bold impression. Adding a single stool, table, chair or even a storage cupboard in  vibrant hue, is a sure-fire way to instantly brighten any bathroom. Don’t limit your use of colour to the exterior, adding colour to the inside of cupboards and drawers makes a delightful impact too.

splash of colour bathroom - 18 chelseamews



Accessorising is typically a standard method of adding colour to any room as there’s less commitment and effort involved. The key to making an impact with colour through your bathroom accessories is to focus on showing your own ‘true colours’. Yes, there are many lovely ready-made items out there to choose from, but don’t limit yourself to run-of-the-mill store bought bathroom accessories only. Go beyond the ordinary by re-using and up-cycling where possible. That’s a pretty cool way to add a bit of personality to your space whilst giving your guests something to smile about.

TOWELS, MATS & CONSUMABLES – If you enjoy the option of switching things up pretty often,  the best way to add colour to your bathroom is through your towels, bathmats. You can mix and match and change your colour scheme as often as you wish. All it takes is a quick stop in the laundry room. For the wow factor, you can even take it a step further and add some super fun, bright colours through your choice of toilet tissues. Yup, that’s right, toilet tissues come in a variety of brilliant colour options these days! Renova does a fantastic range! Even soaps, candles, bath salts and other toiletries in colourful containers can do the trick.

18chelseamews-spalshes of colour


FIXTURES & FITTINGS – Radiators, towel rails and even unsightly exposed pipes need not be overlooked in your quest for colour. Give your bathroom a whole new look by painting these very functional fixtures; they tend to look rather cool in colour. If DIY is not your thing, you can still get in on the trend as colourful radiators and towel rails are also available for purchase from Bisque and makers.

splashes of colour bathroom fixtures- 18chelseamews


CEILINGS, DOORS, WINDOW FRAMES AND WINDOW SILLS – Dare to be different and add colour by giving your bathroom ceiling, door or window frame a paint job. If you’re a renter and think that’s a little over the top, perhaps changing the colour of the window sill is a better idea as it will be less of a fuss to repaint when your lease expires.

splash-of-colour 18chelseamews

colour bathroom.18chelseamews


WALL ART & MIRRORS – Art has always been a good way of adding both colour and personality to a space; art in the bathroom is no exception. Create a gallery wall and include mirrors with coloured frames if the space allows. I do love a mirror with a brightly coloured frame; the one pictured below is very simple yet pretty stylish. Wall decals are  perfect for the bathroom and are available in a myriad of colourful designs.

SPLASHES OF COLOUR 18chelseamews


FLOWERS – Oh, one of life’s simplest pleasures which I cannot live without…fresh flowers. An arrangement of fresh flowers in your favourite colours will bring life, light and colour  to your bathroom all at once. Need I say more?

decorate with flowers


That’s it, no more muted bathroom decor against your will! Go on, get creative, add a splash of colour there and give it a bit of style and personality.

I hope you enjoyed this post; my next post will focus on shopping the look so you too can add a splash of colour to your bathroom at home.

Thanks for stopping by!

Nova x

IMAGE SOURCE: Left to right from the top 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14


10 Stylish Pendant Lamps to Light Up Your Life

Lighting undoubtedly sets the mood and attitude of a room, and pendant lamps can make a strong visual statement if chosen wisely. Whether your style is chic, luxe or urban, a stylish pendant lamps is a good starting point for illuminating your home with a warm and welcoming glow.

Here’s my roundup of 10 stylish pendant lamps to light up your home.


1. BRILLIANTLY FACETED – Lee Broom Crystal Bulb and Pendant

Lee Broom - 18chelseamews


2. COPPER HIGHLIGHTS – Tom Dixon Etch Copper Pendant Light

tom dixon 18chelseamews


3. THE FAIRY’S DELIGHT – Johnny B Butterfly Pendant Lamp

Johnny B Butterfly - 18 chelseamews


4. LIGHT AS A FEATHER – Vita Eos Pendant Shade 

vita eos - 18chelseamews


5. SHE GLOWS! – Moooi Suspension Bell Lamp

Moooi Bell - 18chelseamews


6. THE GUIDING LIGHT – Diesel by Foscarini Cage Mic Pendant Lamp 

cage mic lamp - 18chelseamews


7. TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC – Bocci 14.1 Single Glass Pendant Light Clear 

bocci pendant - 18chelseamews


8. LET THERE BE LIGHT – Muuto E27 Pendant Lamp

muuto e27 - 18chelseamews


9.  LIGHT-HEARTED AND FUN – Innermost Jeeves & Wooster Hat Pendant Lamps

innermost jeeves and wooster - 18chelseamews


10. ALL AGLOW – Cicatrices De Luxe 5 Pendant Light

Flos Cicatrices De Luxe 5 Pendant


Image source: Middle & right image in number 4 taken from here. All others were taken from stockists linked in the list above and Pinterest.


Friday Five: Fun & Functional Storage Ideas for Children

My obsession with colour and my love for unique furniture design lends itself well to child friendly interior decorating. So this week’s Friday Five is all about storage ideas for children.

It is paramount to have sufficient storage space in a child’s room. Aside from the obvious things like size and functionality, I think it’s also important to choose storage that your children can relate to in some way. You may achieve this by incorporating their favourite colours, favourite patterns, images of their favourite animals, and for an older child, you can even up cycle their once-favourite toy into a unique item for storage! This will give their space a varied yet personalised appearance, and can make ‘clean up’ time so much more fun, interesting and even educational (depending on your choices).

Stepping away from the obvious chest of drawers, dressers, closets and traditional bookshelves, here are my current 5 favourite picks for fun and functional, storage in a child’s bedroom. They’re simple and easy to keep organised and you can even make a good DIY project of number 5! I hope you’re inspired by my choices.



– The super girlie Storage Suitcase Set is perfect for your little fashionista in the making. It’s lovely to see little children taking care of their personal belongings and these gorgeous little cases will encourage your little girl to keep her scarves and other small accessories organised. It’s never too early! These cutesy cases are available on and they’re great for storing dolls and other trinkets too.

– Let’s face it, we’re not all neat little princesses, are we? I am a firm believer in allowing a child to be themselves, even as we teach and encourage them to keep their spaces tidy. These cute Cotton Canvas Storage Bags from Cox & Cox are handy for keeping those little shoes and accessories neatly tucked away. They’re made from a stiff canvas so they’re floor standing, making the contents easily accessible and they’re wipeable on the inside therefore very easy to clean.




– This oh so adorable Baa-Baa Bookshelf from Rowen and Wren is an absolute winner! It’s a playful, interactive yet very functional piece of furniture that will have children equally excited to pack their books away as they usually are to choose the next bedtime storybook. The dividers are also wide enough to hold very small toys such as tiny cars and dolls. It’s great that it’s available in the natural wood finish; this gives you the option to personalise by painting in your child’s favourite colour(s).

– For those you in favour of up-cycling, this one’s a charm. Have your kids outgrown their wagon riding days and perhaps they’ve requested a book mobile? The iconic Radio-Flyer Wagon turned book mobile would make a bold statement in your child’s bedroom. Perfect for changing the scenery for story time at a minute’s notice. Radio Flyer Wagons are available here in the UK at and other online stockists. It’s worth your while to check thrift shops, eBay and other websites for ‘pre-loved’ wagons at a lower price-point.

book storage - kids



– What do you do with a bunch of stuffed animals that’s taken over your child’s room and the rest of your home? That’s right! You take them to The Zoo! The Zoo is a clever storage system to keep stuffed toys safely and securely tucked away. What’s great about The Zoo is it’s simple design (it’s made from sustainably sourced wood and flexible bars) and it’s ease of use (children will enjoy putting their toys away and they are easily accessible at the next playtime).

– Got a keen eye for DIY? With a few bits of wood, a drill and some bungee cord, you can create and personalise a zoo for your little one if The Zoo does not suit your budget. Perhaps you can even consider downsizing the zoo to a ball corral when the stuffed toys start being replaced with other  ‘hard to store’ items like basketballs and footballs etc. You can find the DIY instructions for making your own zoo here and instructions for the ball corral here.

toy storage. the zoo. ball corrall

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IMAGE SOURCE: The Radio Flyer Wagon Book Storage and the Ball Corral images where taken from here and here respectively. All other images are from the stockists linked within the post.


The Best Of: Zara Home

The colour freak in me is ever so thankful for the presence of Zara Home stores in London. Not that there aren’t colourful home accessories available elsewhere, but I always happen to find the loveliest of brightly coloured stuff I like at Zara Home at reasonable prices.

My favourite things to buy at Zara Home are cushion covers. With so many colours, shades and textiles to choose from, I’m like a kid in a candy store when I arrive at any Zara Home shop! Simply changing a few cushion covers at home is a rather inexpensive way to give your home a refreshing update. For example, this feathered green cushion would add an instant hint of glamour to any sofa. Of course, cushions aren’t the only things they’ve got me drooling over. Regardless of the season, I always have a suitable blanket at the ready on the arm of my sofa; after all, you never know when you’ll need to snuggle up and this blue floral Greca blanket is perfect for the summer months given the temperamental nature of London weather. Hhhhm (lightbulb moment!), this chevron basket is perfect for storing the blankets and throws when not in use; it’s stylish enough to live right beside the sofa! Handy!

the-best-of-zara-home 18chelseamews.comthe-best-of-zara-home - 

Most other items I like from Zara Home are decorative accents which I also rely on quite heavily when I feel like changing things up a bit in the living room. I love the shape and texture of this blue waves vase! That’s sure to look great on the shelf whether it’s empty or full of flowers. Let’s banish the boring bookends and go for these sausage dog bookends in a pretty popping pink from the kids section, and while we’re there, let’s get this cutesy floral knob to spruce up that  otherwise lovely chest of drawers, shall we? The mission to make all things pretty, cannot be complete without these these colourful hangers; no chance of snagging your delicates on these silk-covered treasures. 

Yay! No more bumping your toes on that too-small-to-notice doorstop! This blue jute knot doorstop will always be seen…and that’s the idea – it’s so beautiful. Bring life to a shelf by placing a cherished photograph or a single word quote in this mellow yellow picture frame, place this fuchsia sand hourglass beside it to create the perfect contrast and a pretty finishing touch.

Now we’ve got that all sorted, let’s place a pillar candle in the white perforated ceramic jar, put some chill-out music on and relax and unwind as the the flickering glow filters through the design making a lovely pattern on the walls.

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