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Spring Green: My 10 Favourites from Designer’s Guild

As botanical prints make an appearance on many things this season, I find myself  falling in love with various shades of green. Being a truly loyal fan of lime green and chartreuse, it has come as a pleasant surprise that I’m rapidly gaining interest in a myriad of other greens, from the most subtle barely-there hints to the deepest, richest, more jewel toned versions of this lush and hopeful colour. Perfect timing I think, given the eclectic choices popping up in stores for Spring/Summer.

Summer Palace Designers Guild

Now I know there’s green stuff everywhere but in my opinion, no one does green (and blue too) quite like Designer’s Guild, so naturally they’re my first choice for featuring here. Lets have a look at my 10 spring green favourites from Designer’s Guild.



Of all the greens I’ve ever met, none has had me swooning quite like Designer’s Guild Varese Leaf No. 93 paint has. “As joyful as the first leaves of spring”, is how they’ve described it, and they really couldn’t be more accurate even if they tried. This irresistible hue is every colour lover’s dream! It’s bold, it oozes confidence, and it’s versatility makes it suitable for full walls and accent features alike. This paint is available in four finishes – Perfect Matt Emulsion, Perfect Water-Based Eggshell, Perfect Oil-Based Eggshell, Perfect Floor Paint. Designer’s Guild paints are environmentally friendly and their Oil-Based Eggshell is made from a vegetable oil base. I bought a pot for an upcoming project which I can hardly wait to get started on.

varese leaf paint designers guild



Remember a few months ago when I did this post about rugs while in search of a grassy green rug to spruce up my living room? Well, I’ve since found this gorgeously green rug in the Designer’s Guild Marylebone store, and have fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with it. So much so, that I literally had a roll around on it in-store! It’s exactly what my living room needs right now, so I’ve since called off the search. The Soho Chartreuse Rug is made from 100% New Zealand Wool, it’s a chunky rug with a sumptuous textural appearance and a surprisingly soft finish. For me, this rug is a must buy, and whilst I consider myself lucky enough to have found it in the exact shade of green I was looking for, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s also available in twenty-one(derful) signature Designer’s Guild hues. That’s more than enough to find one that suits your taste, and it also comes in two sizes. I’m super excited about getting this rug! Hhhmmm, I wonder if the lovely Tricia Guild will be so kind to sign the underside on mine?

soho chartreuse rug - designers guild



I’ve bought many a Lario Grass Napkins from Designer’s Guild. Why? You may ask. Because, not only do I use them for dinner settings, but I’ve also given them as gifts and even used them as gift wraps on a few occasions. I was pleased to see that the people who received a gift wrapped in these last Christmas, later bought their very own set for use at dinner. Looks like I made them buy it! Ha-ha! I can’t remember a time when I’ve used them for dinner and not had to write the name of this product for at least one guest! These square napkins measure 45x45cm, they’re made from soft 100% pure linen and are available in a wide selection of vibrant colours. Designer’s Guild recommends pairing these napkins with their Lario Lemon Placemats for a bright and fresh look. I couldn’t agree more! Here’s one all wrapped up in a nifty little package I gave as a gift last Christmas.

Lario Grass Napkins - Designers Guild



Aside from the delicate apple green colour of these pure honeycomb linen towels, I love that they are textured yet still so soft… I took a few of the face towels with me on holiday recently and was really impressed with how very little space they took up in my luggage. If, like me, you don’t like using hotel towels on your face, these are the perfect face care travel buddies for you – they’re light and easy to pack, they’re super absorbent and dry very quickly. They’re soft on your skin, and the subtle textured finish makes them look rather stylish.

orica apple towels designers guild



I’ve always loved the Saraille range from Designer’s Guild, but of all the beautiful colours available (8 for wallpaper & 14 for fabric), Saraille in grass in a long standing favourite. This is an extraordinarily simple yet beautiful design. It starts with an intensely rich shading at the bottom, which gradually fades to white at the top (or vice versa, depending on how you choose to hang it). This washable wallpaper is available in standard 3m drops, but can also be custom ordered as 4m or 5m if required.

The good news is, you don’t have to miss out if wallpaper is a no-go zone for you! The versatile tonal  design is also available in a 100% linen fabric with a tumbled finish and it looks amazing hanging as curtains.

saraille wallpaper and fabric - designers guild



The sophisticated bohemian feel of this abstract tie-dye design is oh so dreamy. For me, it evokes a sentimental longing and wistful affection for my younger years, when my mommy and I would while away our warm summer days crafting beautiful items from our very own freshly tie-dyed fabrics. The understated pale jade would undoubtedly be her pick, while I’m totally going bonkers for the acid sharp grass green hue. Designer’s Guild Savine fabric is available in 7 colours.

savine fabric designers guild



Make a bold statement with this small light green hand-blown vase. This sculptural vase is beautifully textured, and has such a striking appearance on it’s own, it doesn’t even need flowers to stand out.

bambola vase - designers guild



Designer’s Guild describes the Sussex Wallpaper perfectly, as an elegant small scale geometric motif, reminiscent of wooden marquetry, in a range of resplendent colours. Printed on a high quality ‘easy to hang’ non-woven ground. I absolutely love this detailed repeat pattern in all 10 lovely colours but I’m totally smitten by this wallpaper in chartreuse.




The gorgeous Brera washed linen cushion is the perfect spring/summer living room staple. The complimentary stitched edges set them apart stylishly from the other plain linen cushions I’ve seen on the market this season. The lime and grass, pictured here, compliment each other very well, but for those of you who like the more understated shades, jade and celadon might be more appealing. The cushion dimensions are 50x50cm and they’re available in 12 lovely colours.

brera lino cushions - designers guild



The Nabucco Wallpaper is an exquisite all-over alligator skin pattern printed on high quality, non-woven ground. Although I’m not the biggest fan of skin patterns, this wallpaper really appeals to me in moss green. The size of the pattern and it’s subtlety makes it a rather glamorous and sophisticated way of introducing skin patterns to your home decor. This washable wallpaper is available in 12 colours on 10m rolls.

nabucco moss wallpaper - designers guild

Lario Grass Napkin giftwrap image is my own. All other images are from the Designer’s Guild website.


My Merry & Bright Christmas Dinner Party In Pictures

In early autumn this year, I sent ‘Save the Date Christmas Dinner Party’ calendar invitations to my closest friends in the UK on whim. At the time, my sole intention was to save us from the debate about where to go and the imminent struggle of finding a table for 6 at a good restaurant – given our usual last minute decision-making. Needless to say, the ‘super excited let’s make everything pretty and girlie’ party planner within me totally took over the idea. A few weeks and plenty of pretty colourful decorations later, we all had such a lovely evening together, that I suggested doing it again during Spring/Summer next year. With a few nods to the idea so far, this could very well be the start of a lovely tradition among friends! Given the numerous party ideas buzzing around in my mind pretty much all day long, every day, our at home dinner parties can only get better in the future!


While I’m keeping the shenanigans of the party between my friends and I, I’m delighted to share a few photos of the decor with you as it’s all very much what 18 Chelsea Mews blog is about. Yep, you got it… All things bright & beautiful! See also my handmade invitations here if you missed that DIY post.

18chelseamews.merryandbrighttablesetting 18chelseamews.partytable.christmas2014


bar.18chelseamews.christmas2014 lights.18chelseamews.christmas2014


Not only was the party tons of fun but I had an awesome time with the planning and preparation too. From the planning of the menu to the designing and making of the invitations, and every little other design detail was a great deal of fun for me to work on. Who knew pom-pom making and ribbon shopping could be so much fun?!


18 Chelsea Mews - 2014 Christmas Dinner Party Invitation.9


Of course no well planned event goes off without a hitch, and my lovely little party was no exception. Thankfully, there were no real problems, just a few little annoying struggles. Like when I found these gorgeous glittery letters in Marks & Spencer and decided, at the last minute, to use them instead of name plates for my guests as we all have a different first initial. Lo and behold, I couldn’t find the letter A in gold. It was also sold out in silver, and bronze (as if that really mattered)… it was only available in red. RED, the one colour that had absolutely no place in my Christmas table decor. Gee thanks! This kind of thing annoy and excite me in equal measures. Annoyed for obvious reasons, but then I really enjoy the challenge of solving problems like these with little time to spare.

18chelseamews.behindthescenes.christmas2014Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Nova xo

Merry & Bright: Dining With Debenhams This Christmas

Hello lovelies! I hope you’ve had a great week. I sure did with all this prepping for the fun and fabulous Christmas dinner party I’ll be hosting for a few of my friends here in London.

So, what have I got planned for our Christmas dinner party? Well, it would be rather un-cool to spill the beans before the date, but what I will say is bordering on pretty obvious… I’m not your average ‘red, green and white Christmas with bells on’ kind of girl so my Christmas dinner table features the more alternative festive colours like pink, turquoise, lime and yellow. The advantage is, it’s never too difficult to put together a table setting with a mix of these beautiful colours as they feature throughout my home in various shades all year round. So there’s none of that ‘I’m buying this for use only at Christmas’ or worse, ‘Let’s put this away until next Christmas’ happening around here. There just isn’t enough storage space for that kind of thing. The tree, the baubles, miniature Rudolph, Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Blitzen and the gang are the only exceptions, of course!

This week, I was delighted to see that Jen Stanbrook over at Love Chic Living blog is hosting the ‘I’m Dreaming of Debenhams Dinnerware’ Competition in association with Debenhams. As I’ve accumulated quite a few colourful and well loved pieces from Matthew Williamson’s Butterfly Home range at Debenhams over the years, I was immediately reeled in by this. Of course I wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to buy myself more of that colourful goodness…and have you seen the gorgeous Abigail Ahern lamps they now have in stock? The Grey Hare and the Green Parrot are my absolute favourites! Swoon! Anyway, I digress. Let’s take a seat at my dream Christmas dinner table, shall we?

THE INSPIRATION: Owing to my legacy of growing up in Jamaica, my dream Christmas dinner table is set on a cool and relaxing, evening by the beach. It features glassy turquoise and pinks, with hints of yellow and lime upon a pristine white linen table cloth that shimmers in the early evening light. There’s a lively play of colour, reminiscent of the blushed pink bougainvillea’s rhythmic dance to the cool evening breeze, with the sprawling beauty of the Caribbean Sea as it’s backdrop.


THE MOODBOARD: I’ve styled my moodboard with my favourite decorative jar from the Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson range at Debenhams. I often use it as a vase (it looks amazing with the big pink fluffy hydrangeas hanging over the edges), but it looks just as gorgeous with lemons and clementines, bringing a refreshing brightness to my table, reminiscent of the sunshine Christmases I used to have back home in Jamaica. The multi-coloured baubles and luxury Christmas crackers are the perfect combination of colours! Borrowing a bit of sparkle to reflect the season here in the UK, my second home, I’ve added the most gorgeous metal snowflake table confetti I recently bought from Debenhams. These are such an excellent buy as you can use them again in the future as many times as you wish, without the constant sighting of stray paper confetti around your home for days after use! I simply had to include the Aynsley Belvedere 12-piece fine bone china set; I’ve had my eyes on it for some time now. Have you noticed the champagne flutes with the decorative snowflake clip-on wine charms? These are available in 6 colours pretty metallic colours. What could be more charming? I love these J by Jasper Conran Burlington Champagne flutes the most because the stems are longer than average, giving them added elegance, and of course more room for the festive snowflake stainless steel clip on wine glass charms. I welcome every opportunity to use these flutes; they’re made from good quality glass that make a very merry crystal-like chime…CHEERS!

NOW LET’S EAT!: So the table is beautifully laid and we’re all seated, now let’s enjoy one of my favourite Christmas dishes. I’m a pescetarian so my Christmas dinner seems more like the traditional Southern Italian Christmas Eve Feast of Seven Fishes. My favourite Christmas meal is Pan-seared Maple Bourbon Glazed Salmon with Sweet Cranberry Chutney. Tieghan over at Half Baked Harvest blog recently shared an excellent and easy-to-follow recipe for this and she’s served it with  Salt Roast Potatoes. Give it a try! Maple bourbon glazed salmon is quite delicious on its own, but coupled with Cranberry Chutney, it’s divine! The complex combination of flavours and the beautiful colours make this the perfect Christmas meal. BON APPETIT!

18 chelsea mews. merry and bright christmas with debenhams

get the goods at debenhams-18 chelsea mews

GET THE GOODS: So here are the 18 top picks from yours truly at number 18. HAPPY SHOPPING!

1.RJR John Rocha Orr Polished 16 Piece Cutlery Set 2.Royal Doulton Set of Four Porcelain ‘1815’ Dinner Plates 3.J by Jasper Conran Set of Four Burlington Champagne Flutes 4.Salt & Pepper Metal Snowflake Bottle Stopper 5. Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson Designer Pink Optic Glass Jar with Lid (also available in blue6.Debenhams Pack of Twelve Luxury Teal Mistletoe Christmas Crackers 7. Sagaform Set of Two Pink ‘Spectra’ Dessert Bowls (also available in blue) 8.Royal Doulton Set of Eight ‘1815’ coloured olive trays 9.Dartington Crystal Aqua ‘H2O’ Carafe and Tumbler Set 10.Salt & Pepper Metal Snowflake Table Confetti 11.Guzzino Pair of Green Espresso Cups and Saucers 12. Debenhams Set of Six Multi-coloured Christmas Baubles 13.Royal Doulton ‘Pop in for Drinks’ Stainless Wine Cooler with Pink Interior  14.Debenhams Cream Set of 4 LED Tea Lights  15.Debenhams White Medium Damask Tablecloth and set of 8 Napkins 16.RJR. John Rocha Designer Aqua Glass Tea Light Holder 17.Salt & Pepper Set of Four Silver Snowflake Napkin Rings 18.Debenhams Silver Glittery Reindeer Christmas Ornament

MOODBOARD IMAGE CREDITS: – baubles, plates and Christmas crackers all from Debenhams (see links above), centre image of baubles under bell cloche, all other images are my own.

GET THE GOODS IMAGE CREDITS: All images numbered in the ‘Get the Goods’ shopping section are from Debenhams (see links above)

This post has been submitted to the ‘I’m Dreaming of Debenhams Dinnerware’ Competition hosted by Love Chic Living in association with Debenhams.

UPDATE: This post was chosen as the winning entry for the ‘I’m Dreaming of Debenhams Dinnerware’ Competition! Thanks to Jen Stanbrook & Debenhams.

Colour Story 101 Pink+Yellow+Grey

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re having a great weekend. Mine is progressing very well thus far, so no complaints here.

This is the very first post in my new weekly column titled Colour Story, which I’m very excited to share. Colour Story consists of one mood board featuring a combination of colours, followed by Get The Goods, a few of my favourite picks that may inspire you to create your own version of this colour story at home.


I’m well known for being a lover of colour, but not just any colour, I love very bright colours. Pink and yellow is one of my favourite colour combinations and I love pairing these two at high intensities. This colour combination will work beautifully in any room when you add light to medium shades of grey to the mix for a measured sense of calm and sobriety.


I’ve had a lifelong obsession with mellow yellow; discovering this Dulux Cornfield in a silk finish years ago was a moment of sheer bliss. I’ve always got a tin of the stuff, and it takes a significant amount of willpower to stop myself from using it on every piece of furniture that enters my apartment…my bookshelves and side tables did not escape! As for hot pink, well, if you’ve ever met me, you’ll know it’s my all time favourite nail colour. My manicurist knows to always have the prized little pot of Royal Highness in her kit when she comes over to do my nails.

I understand that some people shy away from using these colours together in their homes because they fear it will be too overwhelming, but if you pick the right pieces with the right level of intensities you’re likely to achieve excellent results. Here are a few tips/ideas.

1. Start off in neutral, white walls are perfect when you’re going for bright colour combinations, it keeps things fresh and luminous and it makes your colours pop.

2. Go for bold designs and statement pieces, like this mellow yellow Jonah 3-seater sofa from which would look oh so glamorous when accessorised with this gorgeous silk pink cushion from Heal’s. Can’t live with a yellow sofa? Then bring a dormant dining room to life by adding a collection of bright pink dining chairs like the one pictured below.

3. Now introduce light/medium shades of grey to help you achieve balance and the required element of sobriety in your space.

Voila! You’re bound to feel a surge of happiness whenever you step into that room!


GET THE GOODS: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11


Colour Crush: Happiness is Mellow Yellow






LINK LOVE: 1. Large Lacey Floor Lamp | 2. Kikki.K Happiness Journal | 3. Bobble Water Bottle | 4. Burberry Embossed Check Flip Flops | 5. Room & board Slim Etagere | 6. Tea Sub Infuser | 7. Alessi Tigrito Cat Food Bowl | 8. Le Creuset Stoneware Honey Jar Dijon | 9. MT Masking Tape | 10. Ranunculus and Billy Ball Monochromatic Bouquet | 11. See by Chloe April Textured-Leather Duffle Bag | 12. Addiction Nail Colour in Yellow Taxi

Colour Crush: Crazy for Cobalt

PicMonkey Cobalt2cobaltPicMonkey Collage2

PicMonkey Collagecc



1. Azulejos – Cobalt Wallpaper from the Carnets Andalous Collection – Designers Guild | 2. Blue Iris Nail Polish – Jinsoon | 3. Wool and Cashmere Belted Danoe Coat – LK Bennett | 4. 9 Drawer Dresser with Gold Ornate Pulls – The Southern Mermaid Esty Shop | 5. Cast Iron Round Casseroles – Le Creuset | 6. Cobalt Eyeshadow – MAC | 7. Artisan Stand Mixer – KitchenAid | 8. AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater – Dyson | 9. Leather Tote Handbag – Miu Miu | 10. Scoodie Hooded Scarf – WellRavelled Etsy Shop