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I love infused oils for three main reasons. They’re delicious, they’re versatile, and they often look very beautiful when presented in nicely shaped glass bottles. Many of you know that I love spicy foods, so it may not come as a surprise that chili-infused olive oil is one of my favourites of all infused oils. Having […]


6 Easy Ways To Style The Entryway To Your Home

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We all know what they say about first impressions, right? Well, I do! This is why I find it rather disappointing when I’m greeted by the dull and neglected entryway of an otherwise beautifully styled home. I’ve had a few conversations about this recently and have arrived at the conclusion that, because we spend so little time […]


Honouring My Baby’s Memory

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Here is a photo of some playful bubbles my sister blew for my precious little girl, as we marked her 3rd birthday at her memorial picnic on July 1st. Which 3 year-old wouldn’t be fascinated by bubbles? When it comes to honouring my baby’s memory, even the smallest acts such as blowing bubbles count… I generally don’t share […]


Moroccan-Inspired Decor

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I’ve always loved Moroccan interior design, but given that I’m an ardent lover of colourful interiors, it is a little surprising that my preferred Moroccan-inspired decor style is rather muted in comparison to the real deal. Picture a visually enchanting blend of Arabian, African and Mediterranean influences, balanced by the pared-back simplicity and tranquility of Scandinavian home styling… That […]


Spring Green: My 10 Favourites from Designer’s Guild

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As botanical prints make an appearance on many things this season, I find myself  falling in love with various shades of green. Being a truly loyal fan of lime green and chartreuse, it has come as a pleasant surprise that I’m rapidly gaining interest in a myriad of other greens, from the most subtle barely-there […]


Easy DIY Easter Egg Favours

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Happy Easter everyone! Some of you are fully aware it’s been a little busy for me lately, and my plans for decorating Easter Eggs has been put on the back burner while I attempt to meet other deadlines. Although it’s cutting into my blogging time, I’m pleased to say that design demands are picking up […]


Smoked Salmon Rocket Rolls With A Side of Friendship and a Glass of Wine

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One of the things I truly miss about Caribbean lifestyle is the ease and spontaneity with which friends just drop in to ‘see how you’re doing’ or just ‘say hi’, then they end up staying for a lingering lunch, dinner or just a bite and a few easy drinks… We were never too keen on this ‘pencil […]


18 Chelsea Mews Loves… The Rug Collection at Heal’s

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It’s a beautiful sunny day in London! I’m so over Winter now and can hardly wait for Spring, but I’m well aware that there’s still some time to go before the cold and dark days are all gone. I’m longing for a change in my home decor but as Winter persists, I’m thinking it’s still a […]


FRIDAY FIVE: Easy-Care Air-Purifying Plants To Get For Your Home

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Hello and Happy Friday! I’ve had a pretty exciting week since my very special house guest arrived last Saturday. I absolutely love having family visiting from overseas for a number of reasons but my top two reasons are, having the opportunity to spend quality time with them (they often stay a while because of the distance travelled), […]


5 Ways to Make Your Home Cleaner And Greener

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I was never too crazy over new year’s resolutions as such but I’ve always, in my own little way, made the effort to ensure that my ‘todays’ are better than my ‘yesterdays’, and that feels like enough. Of course I make important plans for the future too, but I just find it a lot easier to take […]


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