The Best Of: Zara Home

Jul 10

The colour freak in me is ever so thankful for the presence of Zara Home stores in London. Not that there aren’t colourful home accessories available elsewhere, but I always happen to find the loveliest of brightly coloured stuff I like at Zara Home at reasonable prices.

My favourite things to buy at Zara Home are cushion covers. With so many colours, shades and textiles to choose from, I’m like a kid in a candy store when I arrive at any Zara Home shop! Simply changing a few cushion covers at home is a rather inexpensive way to give your home a refreshing update. For example, this feathered green cushion would add an instant hint of glamour to any sofa. Of course, cushions aren’t the only things they’ve got me drooling over. Regardless of the season, I always have a suitable blanket at the ready on the arm of my sofa; after all, you never know when you’ll need to snuggle up and this blue floral Greca blanket is perfect for the summer months given the temperamental nature of London weather. Hhhhm (lightbulb moment!), this chevron basket is perfect for storing the blankets and throws when not in use; it’s stylish enough to live right beside the sofa! Handy!

the-best-of-zara-home 18chelseamews.comthe-best-of-zara-home - 

Most other items I like from Zara Home are decorative accents which I also rely on quite heavily when I feel like changing things up a bit in the living room. I love the shape and texture of this blue waves vase! That’s sure to look great on the shelf whether it’s empty or full of flowers. Let’s banish the boring bookends and go for these sausage dog bookends in a pretty popping pink from the kids section, and while we’re there, let’s get this cutesy floral knob to spruce up that  otherwise lovely chest of drawers, shall we? The mission to make all things pretty, cannot be complete without these these colourful hangers; no chance of snagging your delicates on these silk-covered treasures. 

Yay! No more bumping your toes on that too-small-to-notice doorstop! This blue jute knot doorstop will always be seen…and that’s the idea – it’s so beautiful. Bring life to a shelf by placing a cherished photograph or a single word quote in this mellow yellow picture frame, place this fuchsia sand hourglass beside it to create the perfect contrast and a pretty finishing touch.

Now we’ve got that all sorted, let’s place a pillar candle in the white perforated ceramic jar, put some chill-out music on and relax and unwind as the the flickering glow filters through the design making a lovely pattern on the walls.

See links to all the items in ‘Let’s Go Shopping’ below.

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  1. chattinatti

    July 10th, 2014 at 21:20

    I love everything! I’ve been meaning to check out some bright cushions this summer. Unfortunately there is no Zara over her 🙁 but I know where I’ll look when I visit London. 🙂 Love your taste and style.

  2. Nova @ 18 Chelsea Mews

    July 11th, 2014 at 20:09

    Thank you Natti! I’m flattered 🙂 Be sure to approach with caution; I always overspend when I shop there because I get so excited about their merchandise! Haha!

  3. chattinatti

    July 10th, 2014 at 21:21


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