A spirited mix of vibrant hues, sophisticated textures, and bold patterns are the hallmarks of 18 Chelsea Mews. 

Based on the premise that your home should make you happy, our products are created with panache and functionality at their core. Our collections are intentionally designed to add oodles of style and colourful glamour to your home, while exuding mood enhancing beauty and timeless inspiration. 

At 18 Chelsea Mews, everything we do is about feeling. The colours, textures and patterns are consciously combined to evoke positive feelings, while inspiring effortless and impeccable styling around your home. We firmly believe that your home should be as beautiful as you are. 

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Hi! I’m Nova Williams, and I'm crazy about colour! I have a penchant for beautifully decorated spaces, cleverly designed furniture, cosy cashmere knits, floaty linen maxis, and pretty pink double peonies. I’m also obsessed with colourful ribbons, stationery and gift wrap.

I recall embracing my creativity from a very young age while growing up in Jamaica. I've always been interested in making spaces beautiful, so I was often 'the chosen one' for decorating a space for pretty much every special occasion. Sadly, my love for art was encouraged as more of a hobby than something I should pursue as a career, so my first admission to university was to study business while my art sat on the back burner. I later decided to study art and went on to complete a Masters Degree in Art & Design. 

My decor style is modern, with a good balance of heavily pigmented and playful palettes. I love white-walled spaces peppered with energetic splashes of vibrant colours and bold graphic patterns.

"What keeps my heart awake is colourful silence"

-Claude Monet

meet our founder

I started 18 Chelsea Mews (the blog) as a distraction from my grief, months after my daughter passed away. I had just moved house to embark on a fresh start, as I navigated my new 'normal'. While finding hope and healing via traditional therapy, I rediscovered joy, happiness and inner peace through the simple act of decorating my new home. With my passion for interior design rekindled, I spent hours documenting my latest décor obsession and current colour crush for all the world to see (except, maybe they didn't...).

Now, numerous seasons, musings, and a Magazine Home Tour later, while still struggling to find cushions in 'that perfect hue', I realised it was time to create my first collection. With a background in art and design, my decision start the 18 Chelsea Mews collection truly feels a lot like 'coming home'.

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit  the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty"

-Maya Angelou

how it all began

We believe your home should be as gorgeous as you are

We believe in the mood enhancing powers of colour

We believe in banishing beige

We believe our mirrors will reveal your inner and outer fabulousness

We believe your home should make you happy

We believe in magic and wonder



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