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Feb 11

Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. For some it’s about giving and receiving expensive gifts while others are more than happy with simpler, small gestures of love and appreciation. If you and your partner are more interested in the latter, here are 7 creative ideas well worth the labour of love for your Valentine.

1. THE ACCORDION OF LOVE – Make this lovely valentine accordion by glueing small coloured envelopes together. Insert a combination of meaningful items, fold and wrap neatly with decorative string or ribbons. Love coupons, letters, poems and small photographs of your special moments together are ideal for placing in the pockets of this nifty little number.


2. PRINTABLE VALENTINE’S DAY LOVE COUPONS – Worried about your crafting skills? These love coupons by Elli.com were designed to save the day! They look lovely and are very easily accessible…all you need is a working printer with paper and a pen. I highly recommend printing and inserting the envelope liners too. Follow the link at the end of this post to download and print your 2014 love vouchers.

vdayvoucher2 text

3. VALENTINE’S DAY EGG IN THE BASKET TOASTIE – As Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, an elaborate breakfast in bed might not be the best idea if you’re both rushing off to a busy day at work. Just make this easy-peasy, hearty egg and toastie for you both to enjoy before leaving home. This way you’ll also make the time to sit and eat together before leaving for work. Engage in conversations that will keep their imagination going and going throughout the day, of course you’re only allowed to promise what you can and will deliver.


4. SWEETHEART FRUIT SALAD – Absolutely no time for making even a quick breakfast in the morning? All is not lost. Here’s an idea that’s just as good. All you need is some fruits and a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make a lovely Valentine’s Day surprise. Prepare this the night before and hide it away in the refrigerator, then sneak it in their bag while they’re in the shower or just too busy to notice. If you can’t do it without being seen, just let your partner know that you’ve made a special snack for them anyway. This idea will work just as well with salads that include beetroot, carrots, cucumbers etc.

You could stick a little love note on the lid of the container to make it that much more special. Be sure to choose a sturdy container and use harder fruits as they are more likely to hold their shape and less likely to break in transit – broken hearts are definitely not what we’re aiming for here!


5. HOMEMADE COOKIES – For those of you with excellent baking skills, impress your valentine with your best batch of baked goodies. There’s plenty of room for creativity in the way you present this gift. Be resourceful. You know that lovely little jar that you’ve been keeping in the cupboard in case you ever need it? Now is the perfect time to use it! Decorate your container of choice with a beautiful handmade gift tag/card; remember to write your sentiments inside!


6. SNOW ICE CREAM – Stuck at home because of a snow storm? Well, you know what they say, when life gives you lots of snow… make snow ice-cream! Okay, fine, no one said that really but it sounds like a fun idea anyway. Follow this recipe at the end of this post and soon you’ll be making your very own batch of snow ice-cream with a sprinkle of little hearts. You can opt for shaved ice if you’re not too keen on snow desserts.

snow ice-cream7. FRUITY FACIAL/BODY SUGAR SCRUB – Make a mesmerising topical love potion by combining your partner’s favourite fruits, essential oils and sugar, it doesn’t get sweeter than this! Salt scrubs area good idea too. There’s nothing like a gorgeous smelling homemade beauty product; free from parabens and other cosmetic nasties. Now go on, double the pleasure by offering to pamper them with your sugary creation as well. As recommended for home-baked goodies above, creative packaging and labelling goes a long way.


Now that you’re armed with a few simple yet endearing ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts, it’s time to go forth and create! Remember, tailoring these ideas to suit your particular situation will make your gift unique and special. Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, it is most important to do it with love.


Download and print the 2014 love vouchers here.

Download and print A2 envelope liners here.


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