6 Easy Ways To Style The Entryway To Your Home

May 26

We all know what they say about first impressions, right? Well, I do! This is why I find it rather disappointing when I’m greeted by the dull and neglected entryway of an otherwise beautifully styled home. I’ve had a few conversations about this recently and have arrived at the conclusion that, because we spend so little time in the hallway, naturally it gets the least attention when you think of decorating. However, being the first place everyone sees when they enter your home, your entryway should be just a beautifully styled as every other room in the house. To ensure you’ll always make a good first impression, follow these 6 easy ways to style the entryway to your home.


1. Create an eye-catching wall display that will engage your visitors immediately

Show off your personality with a beautifully curated gallery wall. Your display doesn’t have to be limited to framed artwork, it can include shadow boxes, mirrors, stylish hats, clocks or any other items you have collected over a period of time. 

Top tip: Use items with which you have a genuine connection. Draw on your hobbies, favourite holidays, artists you admire most or simply the colours you love. For example, if you are really into rowing, it would be nice to incorporate a few decorated oars or good quality printed images of some rowing action. If a gallery wall and collection displays are not your thing, simply invest in stylish wallpaper. The one pictured below is a bold and beautiful choice.



2. Add a table and seating for a cosy and relaxed feel

If the space allows, add a table and a chair or bench. A console table is great for holding a pretty vignette consisting of flowers, home fragrances, small sculptures or other items of your choice. It’s also a good place to have a small catch-all basket for your keys and other useful small items you may need to grab on your way out the door. Chairs and benches make the perfect perch while getting your shoes on, and they’re an absolute winner if there’s storage below. 

Top tip: Pay close attention to scale when choosing furniture for your entryway. You don’t want to be tripping over and bumping into furniture in a small entryway, but by the same token, if your entryway is very spacious, smaller furniture might have little or no impact and can look rather awkward in the space.  




3. Plants and flowers are always a good idea

Nothing breathes life into a space quite like plants do. While it’s commonplace to decorate your entryway with flowers, beautiful house plants are a great substitute and a less expensive option. You can get very creative with plants and flowers as there are so many types to choose from. Always have a play around with quantity and scale to get your desired effect. Will you go for an oversized bouquet/houseplant or a cluster of tiny ones? What works best in your entryway?

Top tip: Your choice of vase or plant pot could make or break your display, so whether you choose one big plant or a collection of  smaller ones, be sure to choose your plant pots wisely. Think colour, texture and size.



4. Good lighting is everything

Good lighting is essential to setting the mood of any room in the house, and the entryway is no exception. Get creative with your choice of lighting, use fairy lights, table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lamps or a even a combination of these to set the tone. 

Top tip: Whatever your light source, it is important to choose your placement carefully to get the best glow. If you’re working with a small space, avoid using lamps with bulky bases as they can be a bit overwhelming, but feel free to scale up and make it make it magnificent if space is not a problem. Remember, a stunning lampshade can make quite a statement in your decor.



5. Insert  stylish storage here

Entryways are quite often treated as ‘dead-space’ within a home, more like just a throughway to the nicer, more interesting spaces. With not much likely to take place there, entryways are ideal for using as additional storage space. It goes without saying, that for this location, ONLY stylish storage will do of course! Think chest of drawers with stylish knobs of handle pulls, beautifully crafted baskets and cleverly designed cupboards.

Top tip: It’s best to choose storage solutions with lids and doors as they’ll keep things looking tidy. As for coat racks and shoe stands, the trick to keep them from looking messy and overcrowded, is to store only a few items at a time, like perhaps the ones you’ll be wearing in that week.



6. Don’t ignore the ceiling and floor

Of course it’s great to have the option of a gallery wall, cosy seating and gorgeous vignettes displayed on stylish tables, but not everyone has the space to accommodate all that lovely stuff. If that’s your dilemma, styling the ceiling and the floor is just the ticket! Paint the ceiling in a contrasting colour or pattern, use runner rugs in bold geometric colours or kitschy prints if that’s your thing, paint the floor boards, opt for decorated tiles, the possibilities are endless.

Top tip: This approach works equally well in large spaces. Paint is not your only rescue remedy, try drawing attention to the floor and ceiling with glamorous lighting fixtures too. Hey, even a simple collection of coloured glass bottles placed on the floor against the wall could spark the curiosity of your guests.

Are you happy with the current state of your entryway? What do you like or dislike most about the entryway to your home right now?


All images: via Pinterest


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  1. Joy Kelly

    May 27th, 2018 at 22:06

    LOVE this!!! It’s actually my current project 🙂 #whataretheodds

  2. Nova Williams

    May 31st, 2018 at 17:50

    Perfect timing Joy! I hope your project is coming along well. 🙂

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