3 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Feb 4

Hello lovelies! 

I’ve decided to do at least 1 post per week specifically for sharing 3 things I’m really loving right now. This is the first in the series so… here goes!

1. Vita Eos Pendant Shade

I’m loving the distinctive ethereal quality of these gorgeous feather pendant lampshades from Danish company Vita. The Vita Eos pendant shade looks stylishly simple and minimal in the daytime and, when lit, it radiates a soft and cosy glow. It’s good that it comes in three sizes – mini, large and XL, so they’re suitable for low or high ceilings and for big or small spaces. Even better, they look amazing hanging in multiples! What a joy it is to find beautiful affordable Scandinavian design that suits my existing home decor! On that note, I’ll have the mini for my bedroom please… Thanks!

Vita Eos Pendant Lamp Shade

Vita Eos Shade


2. Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne

This is a sophisticated floral sweetness; not saccharine. It’s not very bold; it whispers. I’m calling it the essence of charm and femininity. Given my obsession with peonies I guess it comes as no surprise that I’m loving this fragrance. Aside from the obvious, here’s a short list of other reasons I’m probably so drawn to this fragrance.

  • It was created by Christine Nagel, the Swiss perfumer who created one of my favourite perfumes ever… Cartier’s Delices de Cartier.
  • Jasmine is included in the middle notes. I don’t know how or why, but Jasmine always happens to be included in all the perfumes I like, yet I still find it a pleasant surprise when I realise it’s somewhere in there.
  • I shamelessly have a weakness for packaging and visual merchandising and, let’s face it, Jo Malone is so very good at that!

I said a short list right? Hhhmmm, that’s not really a list and it isn’t really short, is it? Fine, I’ll stop here, but first let me give you the notes of this lovely little treat for the olfactory. Top Notes: Red Apple | Middle Note: Peony, Jasmine, Carnation and Rose | Base Notes: Suede. Ooh, and they have a scented candle too if you just want your home to smell like this!

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Cologne

3. Antonio Federici Amaretto Gelato

One word – BLISS! Need I say more?

You already know that I like it with toasted Belgian waffles, mixed berries and yellow flesh nectarine if you’ve seen the picture below.

Not that one really has anything to do with the other, but I find it slightly amusing that one other thing Antonio Federici is really good at, apart from making great ice-cream of course, is making ice-cream ads that are destined to be banned. There was that one a few years ago with a satirical take on the nativity scene. Where instead of Frankincense, Incense and Myrrh, their three very wise ice-cream men carried tubs of Amaretto, Pistachio and Caffé Espresso gelato as their offering to baby Jesus. Mary was holding the spoon… I like Mary… she’s the wisest one here in my opinion. Then there was that other ad they released with the priest and the nun, which was intended to portray ‘forbidden Italian temptations’. Yes, that one was promptly banned too! 

Despite their controversial taste in advertising material, they’ve certainly got their product right. It’s a good thing the guys in advertising don’t actually make the gelato then.

Antonio Federici Amaretto Gelato

That’s it for now. Wow, who would have guessed this was very much intended to be a short post? Well, certainly not me! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing what three things you’re loving right now and why. Post them in the comments below. 

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  1. kerensa wheatle

    February 5th, 2014 at 00:08

    Hmmmm…I’m having a flash back of us having gelato together. Belisimo

  2. Nicola Palmer

    February 5th, 2014 at 17:48

    Let me know if the photos were taken by you. If yes, dem tun up. Can’t wait for my house to finish. Am archiving these posts.

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