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Apr 7

Hello lovelies! Sorry I’ve been away for so long but I can assure you, it was for a very good reason. My mommy dearest has finally made the 10 hour flight (9hrs 40mins to be exact) from Jamaica to London to visit me, so of course, I took some time out to give her my full attention and some well-deserved TLC.

Now that I’m back, I’d like to share with you, 3 things I’m loving right now. I’ve changed the post title for this series after finding that many other bloggers have been using the previous title ‘3 Things I’m Loving Right Now’. I know there’s nothing new under the sun but I just wanted to use something more unique to my blog, so the new title for the series is 18 Chelsea Mews Loves…

1. Karlsson Pictogram Rainbow Wall Clock

Karlsson is well known for their unconventional, modern and minimalist designs. This Pictogram Rainbow Wall Clock really appeals to me with it’s playful, vibrant splashes of colour and it’s distinct likeness to that very trendy POP Swatch watch I owned as a teenager. It is perfect for brightening any interior wall and something tells me this funky timepiece will be sitting pretty on a wall in my home very soon!

karlsson pictogram rainbow clock


2. Amy Sia Indian Summer Scarf

Australian born, London based designer Amy Sia’s pretty painterly textiles are striking. I especially love this digitally printed modal/silk scarf which features almost every colour you can think of. I’m sure we can all agree that it’s an excellent way to inject some colour in our wardrobe, what with London being covered in a blanket of grey over there last few days. I vote Bring Spring Back!

amy sia indian summer scarf


3. Tricia Guild Colour Deconstructed Illustrated Hardcover Book

This beautifully made hardback book is perfect for showing off on bookshelves and coffee tables. In addition to the trending vibrant coloured edged pages and the sense character  implied by the exposed stitching along the spine, I was instantly sold on this book after quickly scanning the gorgeous colourful illustrations within. I’m pleased to announce, I now have my very own copy! I just wish I could get it signed by Tricia Guild herself.

Living Etc. summed it up perfectly with this review: ‘Nobody does colour quite like Trica Guild. Her new book, Colour Deconstructed, is an exploration of her signature hues, from fuchsia to cobalt, and is a lesson in transforming a room from dull to dazzling. Packed full of inspirational photography, it’ll give you the blues (and the greens and the yellows) in a good way.’ –Living Etc, 1st November 2013

tricia guild colour deconstructed

Thanks for reading and toodles for now! I promise I won’t stay away for long this time.


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