18 Chelsea Mews Loves…

Jun 22

Hey lovelies! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, enjoying the weather wherever you are in the world.

18 Chelsea Mews loves…

1. Dartington Crystal Little Gems Collection

So here’s my most recent purchase, this delightful little lantern turquoise vase from Dartington’s Little Gems collection. I placed a single pink peony in as soon as I returned home, and it now sits among the items taking pride of place on my mellow yellow bookshelf.

dartington_little_gems - 18chelseamews.com

Aptly named, these gorgeous little gems with their vibrant colours and eclectic shapes bring a charming yet contemporary feel to any display. I’m not at all surprised as Dartington Crystal is renowned for creating elegant designs in glass and crystal for almost 50 years. The Little Gems collection was designed by Hilary Green and is handmade in the United Kingdom. They’re sold individually gift-boxed in a lovely little cylinder; perfect if gift-wrapping is not your strong point.

Dartingtington Little Gems Collection - 18chelseamesw.com



2. Fermob Outdoor Furniture

Summer is here and the fabulously bright and cheerful garden furniture from Fermob has won me over again! Oh how I wish I had a sprawling backyard to deck out with the lovely goodness that is Fermob! This French outdoor furniture brand certainly knows that it’s just as important to have ‘a stylish room outside’ as it is to have inside. Their range of metal furniture is available in a wide array of colours, 24 to be exact. The colours are divided into 5 categories – metal, fresh, contemporary, sparkling and classic. Absolutely perfect for the colour freak in me!

fermob garden furniture-18chelseamews.com



3. Aesop Mouthwash

This should really be in the ‘Things You’ll Always Find On My Bathroom Counter’ post, but as I haven’t written any such post yet, it’s making its debut here. Aesop mouthwash is simply amazing! My favourite thing about it is that it’s alcohol-free. Bye-bye mouth-shredder Listerine! This refreshing botanical blend of clove bud, aniseed and spearmint leaf has a subtle flavour and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and hydrated.


Admittedly, I initially got sucked in by the packaging. The 500ml brown glass bottle, with a tiny measuring beaker that fits perfectly over the cap, comes in a nifty little drawstring cotton bag, each with a different quote printed on the back. I conveniently repurpose the bags as shoe bags for my ballerina pumps and my well-loved colourful collection of Havaianas flip-flops. Aesop also feeds my obsession with brown glass bottles (yup, I’ve got a thing for brown glass bottles…sshhhh); I repurpose the bottles as vases for brightly coloured blooms. The beakers have become holders for my interdental brushes and dental floss toothpicks. Aesop has made me quite the repurposing queen!

Aesop repurposed - 18chelseamews.comThanks for stopping by!

Nova xo

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